Santa Clara all-terrain vehicle accident

Santa Clara All-Terrain Vehicle Accident

ATVs, from quads to motocross bikes, make for exciting rides over rough terrain. Enthusiasts descend upon California’s many Off-Highway Vehicle areas every month, eager to make the most of good conditions. There is no denying that there are risks in operating an ATV, but many riders feel the risk is worth the reward. With good safety practices and protective equipment, most ATV users don’t get hurt on the trail. Most people assume that any ATV accident happens off-road. However, a Santa Clara all-terrain vehicle accident can happen anywhere, and the results can be devastating.

One rider was visiting the trails near Santa Clara County’s Mount Hamilton. He fell from his ATV after losing control on San Antonio Valley Road, and died on the scene. In another ATV accident in Grass Valley, a drunken ATV driver overturned her Yamaha Rhino. One of the passengers was ejected from the ATV, and was crushed to death when the vehicle rolled onto her.

If you’re the victim of such an accident, or are family to a victim, you’ll want the help of Penney and Associates. We have decades of personal injury law experience. We know that an ATV rider faces an uphill battle in court after any accident. You need aggressive and tough attorneys who won’t back down from insurance claims adjusters or ATV manufacturers. We can help you win fair compensation after your Santa Clara all-terrain vehicle accident.

What are the risk factors for an ATV accident?

Any ATV rider assumes a degree of personal responsibility for their actions on and off the trails. Like motorcycles, many ATVs do not provide the same degree of protection as other vehicles. Safety equipment, including helmets, helps reduce physical harm during an accident. Proper maintenance of ATVs is a must. And of course, riding without the influence of drugs or alcohol ensures the rider is alert and is less willing to take clearly serious risks.

There are things outside of the rider’s control. They can’t control other riders of other ATVs. The roads and trails are subject to weather conditions and their own maintenance requirements. Even regular maintenance can miss a faulty ATV part that should have been recalled. The safest rider can still be caught in a Santa Clara all-terrain vehicle accident, and they could be completely not at fault!

Why you need a lawyer after an ATV accident

Many people assume that ATV riders are at fault for their injuries because of the activity they participate in. Even when evidence shows that the rider wasn’t at fault, insurance companies will look for any way to limit a settlement. While you’re litigating the details about your accident, you could still be recovering from serious injuries. Many ATV accidents involve broken bones, including the collar bone. Some of these injuries can take months to fully recover from. Some may involve expensive surgeries.

Your medical costs can be extreme, and your own health insurance rates may skyrocket. In the worst case, your coverage can’t handle all the procedures you need. You and your family will be left footing the bill.

Penney and Associates can help with your Santa Clara all-terrain vehicle accident!

We offer free consultations for personal injury cases. Our attorneys have decades of experience with injury accidents of every type. Everything that can be used against you, we’ve seen it and expect it. We will go over all the facts about your case, explain your options, and help you with any paperwork you need to get in order. More importantly, we know how to win, and have won many cases against fierce opposition.

Your ATV accident is a serious issue, and Penney and Associates can help you receive the fair compensation you deserve. Contact us today, and let’s get started!

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