Santa Clara car accident

Santa Clara Car Accident

Santa Clara is not immune to car accidents. Even when you are as careful as possible, you can’t account for the actions of other drivers. In April 2017, four women were victims in a Santa Clara car accident. They had just left Holy Thursday mass at Our Lady Peace off the Great America Parkway. A drunk driver was speeding as they left northbound Highway 101 and lost control of their vehicle. The resulting head-on collision killed two of the women, while the drunk driver and his two passengers survived with injuries.

The victims in this accident had done absolutely nothing wrong, the fault was clearly with the drunken driver. Not every accident is so clear cut, and you could be caught in a Santa Clara car accident with another driver who will contest your claims in court. You will need the best personal injury attorneys on your side if you want fair compensation. You want Penney and Associates.

Risk factors for a Santa Clara car accident

Drunk drivers are a menace that authorities have tried to remove from the roads. They are hardly the only causes of any car accident. Reckless driving doesn’t require alcohol; road rage has caused accidents that involve vehicles who were not involved at all with the angered drivers. Cell phones have become a new distraction that drivers are cautioned to ignore while on the road. And of course, speeding is dangerous no matter how sober you are. The faster you are driving, the less time you’ll have to react to sudden dangers on the road.

There are also factors that are beyond our personal control. Roads may be slick from oil or rain. Previous accidents, or regular wear and tear, damages road surfaces that in turn damage tires. Mechanical failures in a car may lead to poor braking in emergencies, or a complete loss of control.

Penney and Associates offers free consultations to Santa Clara car accident victims!

A car accident potentially redefines your entire life. Victims have been left paralyzed, or have lost limbs in the wake of a car accident. In fiery crashes, victims suffer severe burns that result in permanent nerve damage. These types of injuries can make it impossible for victims to keep their current employment, or find new work.

You can expect expensive hospital bills if the car accident is severe enough. Even if you are not at fault, your auto insurance will likely increase. Of course, your own death is a burden on your family, who must deal with their grief and the bills you leave in your wake.

Getting the fair settlement you deserve after a car accident can be a challenge. Penney and Associates has decades of experience with personal injury cases. We have dealt with insurance companies trying to claim that the injuries were not as ‘severe’ as the victim ‘believes’. Our attorneys have clashed with drivers who have contested every bit of evidence that points to their fault in an accident. Our experience and success in these cases makes Penney and Associates your best option after any Santa Clara car accident.

Contact us today about your accident. After a free consultation, our attorneys will explain what your options are, and what you need to do for pursuing your case. With Penney and Associates, you have the best chances at winning the compensation you and your loved ones need!

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