Santa Clara Legionnaires' Disease

Santa Clara Legionnaires’ Disease

The threat of a Santa Clara Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak is a real possibility, one that facility owners must take the proper precautions against. Illustrating this is a 2013 discovery of the bacteria responsible for the disease in a Santa Clara County crime lab. While a major outbreak was prevented, the discovery was a stark reminder of the ways the bacteria could grow even within newer buildings.

Penney and Associates has experience with Legionnaires’ Disease cases. We know that with the right precautions, the disease is easily preventable. Through research, it’s becoming clear that these measures are not always in place, nor are they always properly maintained. We hope to help any Santa Clara Legionnaires’ Disease victims win the settlement they deserve!

What is the true scale of the threat?

Despite efforts by various organizations to inform the public, Legionnaires’ Disease remains a concern worldwide. The bacteria responsible for this health threat is found in freshwater across the globe. Public perception in the US is that this disease is a rare occurrence. But the disease continues to make headlines. New York saw two outbreaks in 2015, one of which claimed 12 lives by the time it burned out. California has seen its own outbreaks, notably the San Quentin Prison outbreak that sickened 81 inmates.

With the right conditions and temperatures, the legionella family of bacteria can experience explosive growth to potentially dangerous levels. These conditions are common in air conditioning cooling towers, hot tubs and their filtration systems, and stagnant pools of water. If someone breathes in mist that contains the bacteria, there is a strong possibility they will contract the pneumonia-like disease.

In the US, roughly 6000 cases were reported in 2015. However, per the CDC, it is very likely the disease is underdiagnosed, due to similarities to other illnesses.

What prevents outbreaks?

Routine testing of water pipes is recommended. Filters at areas where water is used can prevent the bacteria from being ingested. Routine disinfection, either with high temperature treatments, or water additives is considered part of a systematic water safety plan.

Unfortunately, many buildings around the US do not always have such measures in place. This can be due to the age of a building, or lax owners of a building.

Why you need Penney and Associates for Santa Clara Legionnaires’ Disease

 Penney and Associates has seen the consequences of neglect in Legionnaires’ Disease cases. When proper measures aren’t taken, the bacteria can breed in air conditioning systems and water supplies. It has led to preventable deaths all around the world, and in the state of California.

If you’re a Santa Clara Legionnaires’ Disease victim, or family of one, you can rely on Penney and Associates to pursue your case to a successful resolution. We have a team of aggressive and knowledgeable attorneys who know how to pursue every angle of your case. Your illness could be the result of neglect. We can prove it, and help you win the fair compensation you deserve!

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