Santa Clara Tractor Accident

Santa Clara Tractor Accident

Santa Clara county is known primarily for being home to Silicon Valley. But the valley also houses a portion of California’s powerful agricultural industry. Despite the efforts of farmers to make the fields a safer place to work, accidents do happen. Almost 170 farmhands a day in the US suffer some form of injury that takes them off the fields. The leading cause of injury and death on the farm is the tractor. For local farmers, the risk of a Santa Clara tractor accident is very real. These accidents are not always the fault of the operator, and Penney and Associates is ready to help victims get the fair compensation they deserve!

Farm tractor dangers

Farm tractors are designed for many purposes on the farm. Sharp turns on steep terrain is not one of them! One of the most common tractor-related injuries and deaths comes from roll-overs. Not until fairly recently did roll-over protection become a standard feature on popular tractor designs. Statistically, built-in and aftermarket roll-over protection improves you chances of survival in any roll-over accident.

Unfortunately, part of the problem is the age of the tractors. Many farmers use tractors that were built well before modern laws and technology influenced tractor design. Aftermarket roll-over protection isn’t available for all tractors, and older vehicles become increasingly prone to accidents as they age. The roll-over accident isn’t the only threat!

Case in point, this farmer in Iowa died after being run over by his tractor. A combination of issues with his tractor, combined with his operation of the vehicle, and an unsafe bypass of mechanical features, led the vehicle rolling forward and over the farmer.

A lack of training could lead to a Santa Clara tractor accident!

Another major factor in a tractor accident is the training and supervision of the operator. The farmer in the example above was alone when starting their tractor. A farmhand in Somis, CA died after being struck by their tractor, and there were no witnesses to his accident.

California, in particular, employs many migrant workers at our farms. There is a danger that training and operations manuals are not available in their native language. In turn, this could lead to unsafe operation of a vehicle, potentially followed by serious injury or death.

Penney and Associates can help Santa Clara tractor accident victims get fair compensation!

Tractor accidents are potentially devastating tragedies of the victim and their family. It could take week, even months to physically recover. During that time, your income suffers, and you may be left paying to extensive medical and insurance bills. If you die in a tractor accident, your family could be left holding the bills. Not only that, employers and tractor manufacturers will try to limit the amount of compensation they pay to victims.

Penney and Associates has decades of personal injury case experience. We’ve helped our clients hold equipment manufacturers and farm owners responsible for their involvement in any accident. Whether the accident is the result of poorly maintained equipment, inadequate training and supervision, or a part breaking down at the wrong time, you deserve compensation for your injuries!

Call Penney and Associates today for a free personal injury consultation. We’ll go over the facts of your Santa Clara tractor accident, and explain your options. We want to help you win a fair settlement, and the peace of mind you and your family deserve.

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