Legionnaires' Disease

Chico Legionnaires Disease

The beautiful community of Chico, California draws visitors from across the United States. People flock to this historic community in the Northern Sacramento Valley to visit Bidwell Park, one of the most extensive municipal parks in California. They also enjoy touring the campus of California State University at Chico, a leading educational institution in this part of the state. Yet tragically, people residing in Chico also sometimes contract Legionnaires Disease, a dreaded respiratory ailment that is occasionally encountered by people who work around bodies of water or in damp, enclosed conditions.

Legionnaires Disease: What Causes It?

Gram negative Legionellae bacteria causes Legionnaires Disease. These microbes may produce acute illness characterized by malaise, coughing, headache, muscle aches, and a rapidly rising fever. Even among hospitalized patients, fatality rates from this respiratory disease sometimes approach 20%.

If you or a loved one contracted this illness working near sources of indoor water, such as spas, humidifiers, aging plumbing infrastructures or swimming pools, you’ll want to seek medical attention as soon as possible. If your employer maintained unsanitary or dangerous working conditions contributing to your illness, you can seek compensation for losses you sustained as a result of your medical condition.

How a Chico Legionnaires Disease Attorney Can Help You

Consult an experienced Chico Legionnaires Disease attorney if you’ve contracted this illness to determine if you should file a lawsuit. Your lawyer will assist you in identifying and gathering evidence to establish your case in court. Both medical/diagnostic bills and lost time away from work can impose a serious financial burden upon a patient suffering from Legionnaires Disease. You may discover that you require extensive physical therapy in order to recover your strength and balance again after a bout with this serious illness.

Contending With Insurance Companies

In many instances, employees who sue after contracting Legionnaires Disease find themselves opposing insurance companies in subsequent legal disputes, not their employers. If the defendants file counterclaims, you’ll possess the ability to rely upon the skills of your experienced legal counsel to represent you vigorously in court when you retain a capable Chico Legionnaires Disease attorney.

Compensation in Legionnaires Disease Cases

A favorable judgment in a case alleging wrongful exposure to Legionnaires Disease may help a plaintiff recover financially from the devastating impact of this disease. Whether you reside in Chico, Oroville or some other nearby community in California, the costs of treating and recovering from Oroville Legionnaires Disease proves expensive.

For example, in Oroville, the county seat of Butte County, California, Oroville Hospital employs over 1,200 workers. You’ll receive excellent medical care in Oroville if you require treatment for Legionnaires Disease. However, the cost of undergoing an extended recovery period may prove devastating from a financial standpoint. An award from a successful legal case for wrongful exposure to Legionnaires Disease may enable you to recoup some of the money paid towards medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages.

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