hunting accident injury

Hunting Accident Injury

According to International Hunter Education Association several hundred hunting accidents occur in the United States each year. Not all hunting accidents involve a weapon at all. Falling from a raised stand, or a vehicle collision in the course of hunting, are two examples of accidents that can occur which do not involve a weapon of any kind. Never the less, it is important to find a hunting accident injury attorney.

Common Causes of  a Hunting Accident

According to incident data common causes of hunting accidents include:

  • Victim out of site of shooter
  • Failure to identify target
  • Shooter swinging on game
  • Failure to check beyond game

Hunting accidents are designated to be Class A, B, C, or D. Class A accidents are hunting shooting injuries and/or fatalities. Class B indicate non-shooting hunting injuries and/or fatalities, like a fall. Class C includes non-hunting shooting injuries. Class D accidents are reports of property damage.

The majority of hunting accidents are non-fatal class B, or D. A hunting accident injury may involve serious bodily harm.These accidents can dramatically impact a person’s physical, psychological, and financial well-being. Medical costs, loss of earned income, and mental distress often make dealing with these accidents all the more stressful.

Hunting accidents can range from civil property accidents to very serious criminal incidents. If a victim is injured by an unlicensed hunter, or by a hunter not adhering to the legal restrictions in their area, this may mean the injury occurred  during the commission of an actual crime. It is important to seek a hunting accident injury attorney to help sort out the legal details.

Find a Hunting Accident Injury Attorney

As with all serious accidents it is important to get qualified legal consultation. A hunting accident injury attorney can help ensure you are not left to needlessly shoulder all the immediate and long-term costs of a hunting accident.



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