Irvine Legionnaires' disease

Irvine Legionnaires’ Disease

With 30,000 infections in the United States each year, Legionnaires’ Disease has become a growing concern throughout the country. Roughly 20 to 40 percent of infections lead to death, and California has seen its own share of deaths to the disease. Because the bacteria that causes the disease can be found in water supplies all over the country, an outbreak can happen anywhere. Most are caused by a failure of water treatment systems in hotels, hospitals, and apartment complexes. The unfortunate truth is this: an Irvine Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak is possible, if the right precautions are not taken.

The risk of an Irvine Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak exists

Discovered in 1976 in Philadelphia, in the wake of an American Legion convention, Legionnaires’ Disease is an acute form of pneumonia. It is caused by the Legionnella bacteria, found naturally in freshwater supplies all around the country. In the right conditions, the bacteria will rapidly breed to levels that can be dangerous for people. Public showers, hot tubs, and private baths can all breed this bacteria. It can be inhaled from water mist, and from there the infection sets in, two to ten days after exposure.

Ideally, water is properly treated and filtered before coming into contact with people. Hospitals are encouraged to put water filters over shower heads. The water treatment machines of any facility or building should be regularly inspected for any faults or breakdowns.

When these precautions are not taken, tragedy strikes. In California, a baby receiving surgery at the Benioff Children’s Hospital died of Legionnaires’ Disease. Investigations found the bacteria in the room’s shower head. Worse still, the disease had not been tested for since 2006, over six years before the baby died.

Had testing been done, had filters been in place, the baby would likely have never contracted the disease. The family sued for wrongful death, and the case was eventually settled out of court.

The sad lesson here is that an Irvine Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak is possible. Negligence at the Irvine Kaiser Permanente hospital, or at a local gym, could leave hundreds, or even thousands of people exposed.

Penney and Associates has been at the forefront of Legionnaires’ Disease court cases

We at Penney and Associates have nationwide experience in handling Legionnaires’ Disease cases. We have proven successful at holding officials responsible for their neglect.

Legionnaires’ Disease can have life-changing effects even after the infection is defeated. Long-term respiratory issues can complicate your daily life. Your economic well-being can be greatly affected by extended hospital stays, and repeat visits to doctors. Even your loved ones can have their lives changed. This disease can easily be prevented with the right precautions. However, as we have seen over the past two decades, this is not always the case.

Irvine Legionnaires’ Disease victims and their families can turn to Penney and Associates for help. The people responsible for allowing this disease to spread must be held responsible. You deserve a fair and just settlement that will help you recover from the disease, and regain financial independence. Contact us for a consultation today.

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