Irvine tractor accident

Irvine Tractor Accident

Farming is part of what makes California. The Central Valley provides food for the US and the rest of the globe. Agricultural business isn’t limited to the valley. All over the state, outside of the cities, and sometimes within them, farms can be found. In Irvine, The Original Manassero Farms Market is where food is grown, harvested, and sold to customers. In the southern part of the city is the Tanaka Farms produce market, another local farm that grows and sells its product. Anyone who has worked on a farm knows how hard, and how dangerous, the work can be. And one of the greatest dangers on farm fields is the farm tractor. Irvine tractor accident victims can turn to Penney and Associates for legal representation.

What makes farm tractors so dangerous?

There is no denying the importance of a farm tractor to every day life on the farm. Much of the specialized equipment needed for the fields can be moved via a tractor. With safe use, a Irvine tractor accident can be prevented.

However, many farm tractors in use are old. Some have been operated for decades. With these older tractors, many of the modern safety advances in newer tractors simply are not there.

The design of many tractors can lead to rollover accidents, under the worst circumstances. Unbalanced loads being pulled, combined with uneven terrain, can lead to disaster. According to a study led by the CDC, tractor rollover is one of the leading causes of death among farmhands.

Many tractors do not have inherent protection for their drivers in the event of a rollover. For certain models, Cost-Effective Roll Over Protective Structures exist. Newer tractors come with the protection built onto the vehicle.

But the danger is unfortunately not limited to roll over accidents. Tractors have hurt and killed operators even when they were at a standstill, with routine maintenance suddenly causing the tractor to slip into gear and roll over unsuspecting farmhands.

Negligence plays a key role. Poor training, and a lack of instructions can lead to farmhands unknowingly participating in unsafe practices. A lack of maintenance means that the tractor may become more of a risk to operate, even under safe conditions.

Why Irvine tractor accident victims can rely on Penney and Associates

We know that a tractor accident can change your life, and the lives of your loved ones. The medical costs can be overwhelming, the physical costs potentially life-changing. We also know that insurance companies will challenge you every step of the way. Your safety record will be questioned, the maintenance of the tractor will be studied. Anything that can be used to try and limit the compensation you receive will be presented against you.

Penney and Associates has successfully fought cases against companies and individuals whose negligence caused injury on the farm. Irvine tractor accident victims can rely on us to provide aggressive and thorough legal representation. Contact us for a consultation, and start the process of getting a fair and just settlement.

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