Riverside all-terrain vehicle accident

Riverside All-Terrain Vehicle Accident

Riverside is known as the City of Arts & Innovation. It’s also a city with a healthy off-roading subculture. The Cleveland National Forest runs through Riverside County, extending south as far as five miles beyond the Mexico-U.S. border. It is filled with outdoor adventure opportunities for hikers and mountain bikers. It also has twelve designated OHV trails. City residents make the trip out to these trails regularly, taking their ATVs, Jeeps, and dirt bikes into the great outdoors. It’s an exciting experience, but one that should be done with care. ATV accidents can cause permanent disability, and even death. However, these accidents are not always the fault of the rider! Riverside all-terrain vehicle accident victims can turn to Penney and Associates to guarantee they get a fair settlement.

The dangers of a Riverside all-terrain vehicle accident

It must be stressed that off-roading in ATVs is a high-impact sport. Proper safety equipment is needed, and hours of practice are required in order to ride safely. However, all it takes is a split second for something to go horribly wrong.

In this video, a dirt biker spots a helmet lying unattended on a trail. Off the trail to his left is a man pinned under an ATV. Had this biker not come along, the ATV rider could have been trapped for hours, and possibly succumbed to dehydration or exposure. At most, he suffers a nasty set of bruises to his body and confidence. It’s important to remember how much worse this could have been.

Broken arms and fractured collar bones are common ATV injuries. These are injuries that can happen even if the rider doesn’t get flung clear of their ATV! Even with the right safety equipment and a proper helmet, an ATV rider is fully exposed to the world. They can be clipped off their vehicle by low hanging branches and other obstacles. Colliding with other ATVs is also a serious danger to riders in groups. If something suddenly snags their ATV, and the rider’s grip is loosened just enough, they can be thrown away from their ride. Whatever they land on is almost certain to cause some injuries.

“Assumed risk” does not mean “at fault!”

As dangerous as riding ATVs can be, a Riverside all-terrain vehicle accident is not always the fault of the victim!

While many Californians visit the hundreds of OHV areas in vehicles they own, many others rent their ATVs. We expect the best services out of rental shops, but the reality is that many injuries on ATV are the result of poor maintenance. Even a careful rider can be seriously hurt or killed if their ATV fails them at the wrong moment.

There’s also the trails themselves to consider. Park services are expected to maintain safe conditions on a trail, within reason. Obviously there are things they cannot control, such wildfires or weather changing the trail conditions. Accidents that happen on their trails must be investigated properly to ensure neglect of the trail was not a serious factor.

Why should ATV riders rely on Penney and Associates?

When something goes wrong on the trails, you could be stuck at home or in hospital for weeks, maybe months. Your injuries will quickly rack up a massive medical bill. Worse yet, your insurance company’s claims adjusters will be working as hard as possible to minimize how much you receive in compensation. Whether its for your injuries, or for your ruined bike, they will look for anything that could point to YOU being primarily at fault. And if the worst has happened, you could be leaving your family behind under severe economic hardship.

If you are a Riverside all-terrain vehicle accident victim, or are family of one, contact Penney and Associates today. We offer free consultations for personal injury cases, and we want to help. Our attorneys have decades upon decades of experience with these types of cases. With a consultation, we can review the facts of your accident, and offer you a course of action.

Don’t hesitate! Contact Penney and Associates, and get on the road to winning a fair settlement for you and your loved ones!

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