Riverside tractor accident

Riverside Tractor Accident

The tractor is one of the most useful pieces of equipment on the farm. Riverside county stretches out to the Arizona-California border, and it contains multiple farms where these machines see regular use. Unfortunately, as useful as the farm tractor is, it is also a very dangerous machine used in a dangerous profession. Each day on average, nearly 170 farmhands in the US suffer an injury that forces them off the fields. And while there many possible ways to die on a farm, the tractor is one of the most common. What this means is that a Riverside tractor accident is a very real possibility.

While unsafe operation of a tractor can lead to serious injury and even death, these accidents are not always the fault of the operator. Penney and Associates offers Riverside tractor accident victims the experienced legal assistance they need in the wake of these personal tragedies.

Why are farm tractors so dangerous?

One of the most common accidents with tractors is a roll-over. Of all the fatal accidents that happen on the farm, the tractor roll-over is responsible more deaths each year.

Part of the issue is the design of the tractors themselves. Most older tractors did not come with roll-over protection, an issue resolved by the newest designs. New tractors either come with roll-over protection built on, or can accept aftermarket roll-over protection systems. However, many older tractors remain in service today, while many other farms opt for tractors that do not have the protection already in place.

The design of tractors means that they are unsafe to drive over particularly rough terrain and on steep hills. Additionally, many tractors are not safe to make sharp turns in at what speed they can muster.

A roll-over accident isn’t the only danger!

A startling number of tractor accidents happen while the tractor is “parked” for maintenance. Tractors have slipped into gear while farmhands are doing required maintenance, crushing them under massive tires. Clothing has snagged on exposed internal machinery, pulling drivers off and under the tractors with little to no warning. Other accidents have been caused due to faulty parts. Parts that, with proper maintenance, could have been easily identified and replaced.

A lack of training and supervision

Another factor in any potential Riverside tractor accident is the training and supervision of tractor operators. As with any piece of equipment, training is essential for safe maintenance and operation. Proper supervision means having someone on hand to prevent unsafe operation. In the event of an accident, supervision also means there’s help available to assist anyone endangered by the tractor.

Unfortunately, both of these things have been found lacking in many tractor accidents. A recent tractor accident in Somis, CA left one farmhand dead. There were no witnesses to the accident.

A lack of training also affects migrant workers greatly. Many migrant Mexican workers are poorly trained on equipment whose warning signs and instructions are entirely in English. Accidents are all but inevitable if important procedures and caution labels are unreadable to the people operating the equipment.

Riverside tractor accident victims can rely on Penney and Associates!

We understand how devastating a tractor accident can be to victims and their families. The loss of mobility, the loss of a loved one, both of these things are difficult to fully recover from. The financial costs of losing an able bodied provider to a household, the medical bills, and the insurance bills can ruin a family.

Penney and Associates knows that victims of these accidents deserve the best possible legal representation. If you or a family member is a Riverside tractor accident sufferer, we urge you to contact Penney and Associates. We offer free consultations for personal injury cases, and are ready to help you fight in court for the fair settlement you deserve.

Don’t let farming corporations get away with unsafe practices that leave workers vulnerable around dangerous equipment. Call Penney and Associates today, and let us work with you to win back your peace of mine.

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