Riverside trucking accident

Riverside Trucking Accident

California is a massive state, with long stretches of freeway between major cities. Riverside is the twelfth largest city in the state, and so it is an important trucking hub. Commerce relies on fleets of tractor-trailers to move goods across the state. The USPS, and companies like UPS, FedEx, and Amazon would fail without extensive trucking networks. On average, this is a safe way to get things from one place to another. The majority of truckers maintain excellent safety records. Yet sometimes, a Riverside trucking accident does happen.

There are many potential causes for these accidents. Many times, they affect more than just the driver of the tractor-trailer. You could be caught up in a trucking accident, and be forced to pay the price for events completely outside of your control.

Why does a Riverside trucking accident happen?

A big rig weighs up to 30 times as much as the average car on the road. Oftentimes, these heavy vehicles are seen pulling massive trailers behind them. Those trailers can be filled with heavy cargo. With engine limiters, most big rigs travel near or under the speed limit. It still takes them a long time to come to a complete stop.

What this means is that sudden changes in road conditions, or traffic situations, are difficult to react to. In the worst situations, it’s simply impossible. Even with properly maintained modern braking systems, a big rig weighs too much to come to swift stop. It is not uncommon for big rigs to rear end other big rigs, simply because there isn’t enough time for the driver to do anything about their situation.

Tractor-trailers cannot safely swerve rapidly around obstacles or other cars on the road. Without a load, the truck could still potentially tip over. When you consider a full length trailer filled with cargo, things get considerably more dangerous. Safety laws require that cargo in a trailer should be properly secured. Despite this, a tractor-trailer swerving violently to avoid an accident can cause that cargo to shift. In the most dramatic cases, the entire trailer flips over.

The tractor-trailer itself is clearly an inherent danger. However, the other major factor in a potential Riverside trucking accident is the driver.

Big truck drivers: long hauls, long hours, growing risks

Federal regulations allow truck drivers to be on the road 11 hours a day. During busy holidays with high shipping volume, this becomes the norm. With California being such a large state, a truck driver will be on the freeway for a long time between destinations. For many drivers, these hours are at night, where traffic is less of a factor, but visibility remains a challenge.

During the holiday season, some truck drivers are requested to work 7 days a week, 77 hours a week. The lack of rest, combined with a long haul, means that the risk of an accident only increases. A lapse in judgement, a long ‘eye blink’ later, and the consequences could be dramatic.

Riverside trucking accident victims can turn to Penney and Associates!

Anyone on the road, including the truck drivers themselves, can be affected by these terrible accidents. The potential causes are many, and insurance companies will do everything they can to limit the compensation paid out by those held responsible. You could spend years recovering from a Riverside trucking accident. Years spent paying off hospital bills. You could leave your family behind, dealing with the aftermath.

Penney and Associates has a proven record of success in court over personal injury accidents. We want to bring these talents to your trucking accident case. In our decades of service to the law, we’ve won clients the fair compensation they deserve.

We know how traumatic a trucking accident can be, how much chaos the bring in the moment and beyond. We also know that it isn’t always the driver who is at fault. That is why we urge Riverside trucking accident victims to gather as much information as possible about their situation, as quickly as possible. When you are ready, we welcome you into our offices for a free consultation.

We will use the facts you have presented, and gather the facts that remain out of your reach. Penney and Associates offers aggressive and knowledgeable attorneys who will not back down in the fight to get the pay out, and peace of mind, you deserve.

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