Legionnaires' Disease

Rocklin Legionnaires Disease

A Hidden Menace in Rocklin, CA

Over the last several years, several cases of Legionnaires Disease have been reported in Rocklin and in the surrounding areas. The infection has been traced to area hospitals, water parks, and other locations where thorough sterilization is standard practice. Standard sterilization techniques, which have been a common part of public water treatment for more than one hundred years, should have killed off the bacteria which caused these cases of Rocklin Legionnaires Disease.

In at least one instance of Rocklin Legionnaires Disease, the administration of the University of California, whose San Francisco Medical Center has been the point of origin for multiple cases of Legionnaires, were demonstrably aware of the presence of bacterial contamination prior to the death of an infant. The Benoiff Children’s Hospital has also reportedly been aware of contamination in water used for drinking and bathing, including in the bone marrow transplant ward, whose immune-deficient patients are particularly vulnerable to the illness. Despite decades of recurring cases in and around Rocklin, the local medical community has been authoritatively described as being “largely unaware” of the nature of the threat that this microorganism poses.

Rocklin Legionnaires Disease Targets the Young, Old, and Infirm

Legionnaires Disease is caused by a parasitic microorganism, a bacterium known as “legionella.” The bug contaminates water supplies; infection is usually acquired directly through inhalation or ingestion; it is difficult to acquire the illness from person-to-person contact. The symptoms of Legionnaires Disease resemble those of a particularly severe case of pneumonia. Infants, the elderly, smokers, and people with immune symptom impairment are particularly vulnerable.

If left untreated, Legionnaires Disease can be fatal. It usually responds to antibiotics, but even with treatment, individuals from the aforementioned vulnerable groups are likely to suffer long-term respiratory complications. Because the disease is usually contracted only from contaminated water sources within the environment, its occurrence is generally considered to be avoidable in the presence of common health and safety precautions.

We Help Victims of Rocklin Legionnaires Disease Regain Their Independence

Where complications of Legionnaires Disease arise, the disease can result in long-term respiratory issues that make normal, everyday parts of life, which most people take for granted, challenging and painful. Health care costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering can all conspire to make the prospect of recovery from the ravages of the disease extremely difficult. Rocklin Legionnaires Disease is a preventable condition, whose spread has only been possible due to a poorly-prepared medical and public safety authority. This has been demonstrably true over the course of more than twenty years. Those who are responsible for allowing this terrible infection to spread must be held accountable for the consequences of their neglect.

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If you or someone in your family has been affected by Legionnaires Disease in or around Rocklin, California, give our law offices a call today. We offer a free case evaluation, during which we can lay out all the options and show you what we’re able to do for you. Case by case, our office is helping to hold those organizations responsible for the spread of Legionnaires Disease accountable, until such time as it is no longer a public menace.

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