San Francisco all-terrain vehicle accident

San Francisco All-Terrain Vehicle Accident

ATV enthusiasts in San Francisco, and the surrounding area, can be found on the roads more and more. For those who wish to challenge their skills off-road, there’s the Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area. It’s a great day trip for San Fran riders who want a fun test of their abilities. However, riding dirt bikes and ATV’s off-road comes with many risks. Some of these are part of the assumed risk of any physical support like this. Some people assume that accidents are the fault of the rider. Another assumption is that an ATV accident always takes place off-road. In reality, a San Francisco all-terrain vehicle accident is a very real possibility. Penney and Associates is ready to help any ATV accident victim fight for proper compensation after these traumatic events.

How could a San Francisco all-terrain vehicle accident even happen?

Many ATV’s are not designed for surface streets or highways. California law regulates the use of ATV’s on highways. However, riders do use ATV’s in and around the Bay Area. Even if it’s just a short ride, the risks they face are like a motorcycle.

Quad bikes and motocross bikes provide little protection versus other vehicles on the road. Like a motorcycle, they can easily slip in and out of a car’s blind spots. And it only takes a second of carelessness for a car driver to shift lanes or turn into a motocross vehicle. Even with protective helmets, even at speed limit, if a car crashes into a dirt bike, serious injury can still happen. In the worst cases, this type of accident could prove fatal. For one Bayview rider in February 2017, that tragically was the case.

A traditional image of the ATV rider is to be catching air off a dirt ramp, suspended high above the ground in a still frame shot. It’s no surprise that injuries could happen with stunt riding. However, an ATV accident can happen during safe, regular riding on a designated dirt trail.

Who is at fault for an ATV accident?

It is true that there is a certain amount of risk assumed by any ATV rider. They make their own choices, and one of those involve climbing onto the ATV for a ride. This is unfortunately at the center of a stereotype that holds off-road enthusiasts responsible for any accident they are involved with.

Penney and Associates knows that this is not the case. A San Francisco all-terrain vehicle accident may be the result from other drivers or riders not paying attention to their surroundings. If the ATV itself was defective in some way, the protection of clothing, pads, and helmets may not be enough.

Unfortunately, victims face intense scrutiny in and out of court for their conduct. Insurance claims adjusters will look for any possible way to limit compensation. Bike manufacturers will contest any evidence that their product may have been responsible for your injury. You could spend days or even months recovering from your ATV accident. Months out of work, while your finances are crushed under medical bills.

If you are a San Francisco all-terrain vehicle accident victim, you need an attorney with experience in personal injury cases. Call Penney and Associates today, schedule a free consultation, and get on the trail to the settlement you deserve!

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