San Francisco car accident

San Francisco Car Accident

Driving to work, or simply for fun, is just part of the routine for many San Francisco residents. Despite the heavy rush hour traffic, and multiple public transit options, many people still opt to drive their own cars. Driving in SF can be fun for citizens and tourists alike. However, as with driving any where else in the world, taking a car through the big city requires paying sharp attention to your surroundings. Unfortunately, even the most alert drivers with years of experience can be caught up in a San Francisco car accident. Whether it is a commute across the Golden Gate Bridge, or a casual drive past Fisherman’s Wharf, a car accident can happen with little to no warning.

A momentary lapse in concentration can result in a life-shattering accident in less than a second. Even a low-speed crash can result in life-long chronic pain that disrupts the way you live. Penney and Associates’ lawyers have years of successful experience, and we are ready to help San Francisco car accident victims get on the road towards a fair settlement.

What are some factors that can lead to a car accident?

  • Distracted driving
  • Heavy traffic
  • Safety equipment failure
  • Intoxicated drivers
  • Unsafe/poor road conditions
  • Limited visibility
  • Speeding

A number of these factors are things that are outside of a person’s control. We can’t control the weather, the number of cars on the road, nor can we ensure the road conditions are perfectly safe. However, we can exercise control over other factors. A driver is able to focus on safe and defensive driving, avoid using a cell phone to talk or text. They may decline to drink any alcohol or use intoxicating substances before getting behind the wheel. They can ensure their car’s maintenance is completely up to date.

However, even the most cautious driver is subject to chance, and they are also subject to other drivers on the road. You may be alert enough to make an emergency stop, but the semi behind you may not have the time to do the same. Other drivers on the road may be drunk, or distracted by a text message. A San Francisco car accident can be the fault of someone else entirely, and you are left to deal with the consequences.

San Francisco car accident victims can call Penney and Associates for free consultation!

A car accident may, in a single violent moment, change everything about your life, and the lives of your loved ones. You could be left wheel-chair bound, suffer nerve damage from severe burns, and far worse. The medical costs will sit on top of rising car insurance costs, even after relatively minor accidents. Should you die, your family could be left in severe financial distress as they deal with your loss emotionally and economically.

Taking these cases to court can be frustrating. Other drivers will have their own legal representation. Companies operating large transport trucks will do what they can to limit their liability in an accident. Insurance claims adjusters will go so far as to blame YOU for your injuries, even if the evidence suggests otherwise. Anything that can limit your compensation will be used against you. It is a frustrating experience.

Accident victims need tough, aggressive legal representation in order win the settlements they deserve. If you’re a San Francisco car accident survivor, call Penney and Associates today. With a free consultation, we’ll review the facts about your accident, go over police reports, and provide you a thorough discussion about your options. We understand exactly how difficult an auto accident can be for victims and their families.

Don’t settle for anything less than a fair settlement, contact the attorneys at Penney and Associates now!

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