San Francisco slip and fall accident

San Francisco Slip and Fall Accident

You may be surprised to hear that half of all deaths at home are due to a slip and fall accident. While people of any age can be seriously hurt, or killed by a fall, statistically the elderly are more vulnerable. Severe injuries, including hip fractures, may be life-threatening to the elderly. These accidents are also commonplace outside of the home. People have slipped on wet surfaces in restaurants, shopping centers, and parking structures. A San Francisco slip and fall accident may also happen on the aging sidewalks throughout the city. No matter where and how the slip and fall happens, Penney and Associates is ready to help you win the compensation you deserve.

What are some possible causes of a San Francisco slip and fall accident?

Slippery or uneven surfaces are a possible danger everywhere we go. Janitors are required to mark locations they’re mopping down specifically to prevent slip and fall injuries. People have slipped on oil left behind by cars in parking lots. And there’s always possible tripping hazards.

One major concern are the 669,000 trees in San Francisco. Many trees are causing serious damage to the sidewalks. Their roots are growing too close to the ground surface, deforming sidewalks and streets. The heavy rains of 2017 saw trees falling onto parked cars and apartment complexes. In the process, sidewalks were heavily damaged. And then there is the size of the city, combined with the sheer age of the trees AND the sidewalks.

Unfortunately, the city’s workers are overburdened by the sheer size of the task ahead of them. There’s too much ground to cover, and not enough people to cover it with. What that means is many of these San Francisco slip and fall accident hazards will remain unaddressed for some time.

Who is at fault for a slip and fall?

Property owners will often try to shift the blame onto the victims themselves. They’ll claim the hazard was obvious, clearly marked if required to be so. If there is security camera footage, they may use it to prove that the injured victim was engaged in unsafe conduct.

Of course, while this case is in court, you’ll be dealing with the consequences of your slip and fall. If you were seriously injured, your hospital bills could be massive. And then there’s the insurance costs, the lost time from work, and possibly even the total loss of your job. If the fall happened at work, your employer may even be contesting your workers’ compensation. And in the absolute worst case scenario, the fall was fatal. Now the people left behind must cope with their loss, and the financial costs associated with it.

If you’re a San Francisco slip and fall accident victim, or family of one, you need tough and aggressively legal assistance. At Penney and Associates, we know what a San Francisco slip and fall accident victim could face. Our experienced attorneys have helped personal injury victims fight back in court for years. We will do everything we can to ensure you and your family receive the fair settlement you deserve!

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