San Francisco tractor accident

San Francisco Tractor Accident

We hear about severe farm tractor accidents in the news. Statistically, the farm tractor is responsible for more deaths in agriculture than any other cause. However, tractor design and use is not limited to the farm! Bay Area road construction often involves various types of tractors, particularly near mountainous locations. However, any work requiring heavy vehicles in tough terrain comes with some risk. It may seem unlikely, but a San Francisco tractor accident can happen. Penney and Associates can provide the legal aid victims need to fully recover from these accidents.

Why is a San Francisco tractor accident a concern?

Every year, the wetter months can threaten the surface of roads all throughout the Bay Area. April 2017 brought some of the heaviest rains in years. Unsurprisingly, there was heavy damage to roads all over California, and the price tag to fix them is around $600 million.

For the roads in and around San Francisco, we saw trees uprooted, tearing up streets and sidewalks alike. Further south, in Santa Cruz, roads experienced landslides. Highway 35 was closed in February 2017 after a landslide washed away a portion of the road. Working in this area with tractors, or simply navigating through them with a tractor, can be extremely dangerous

Of course, a tractor accident may involve every-day landscaping tasks. In April 2017, a man riding a lawnmower-tractor in Martinez, CA, was injured in a roll-over accident. The tractor rolled 180 feet downhill before coming to a rest. The driver was thrown clear of the tractor during the accident, as there was no protective enclosure surrounding him. Though they escaped the accident without life-threatening injury, it could very well have been a different story.

Lack of safety equipment a factor in tractor accident injuries

Many farm tractors in use today have been in use for decades, before regulations required specific types of safety equipment for roll-over protection. And as illustrated in the story above, smaller tractors for lawn mowing don’t come with roll-over protection. In the wrong circumstances, this lack of equipment can prove very fatal.

Why you need Penney and Associates after a San Francisco tractor accident

Even the most responsible tractor operator could be caught in a serious injury accident. The tractor could roll-over in bad terrain. Or it could slip into gear unexpectedly during maintenance. The injuries you sustain could be the result of a design flaw in the tractor, or negligence on behalf the owner of the vehicle. Could safety equipment have been in place to protect you? Or was the vehicle long overdue for replacement? Was maintenance neglected?

These are questions that must be asked, and answered. Penney and Associates can help you deal with them in court. Our team of tough and reliable attorneys know how to fight for the fair compensation our clients deserve. We also know what they are going through after a serious personal injury.

You could be spending anywhere from days to months recovering from your injuries. If you’re unlucky, you leave behind loved ones struggling to deal with your loss, emotionally and financially. Your employer could be calling your conduct into question, accusing you of putting yourself in danger. The workers’ compensation you need could be getting held up. And of course, insurance claims adjusters will do everything they can to limit compensation.

Call Penney and Associates today, and have our attorneys win you the fair settlement you’ve earned.

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