Santa Rosa All-Terrain Vehicle Accident

Santa Rosa All-Terrain Vehicle Accident

California is filled with off-road opportunities for those willing to seek them out. Santa Rosa’s ATV enthusiasts can make day trips out to the Carnegie SVRA in San Joaquin and Alameda counties.  Unfortunately, while modern ATVs have the benefit of years spent improving on designs and safety measures, they aren’t completely safe. An ATV accident can happen on the off-road trails, or on city streets. ATV fans are often considered reckless, taking their lives into their own hands for their hobby. However, who is truly at fault for these accidents isn’t always clear cut. Penney and Associates can help Santa Rosa all-terrain vehicle accident victims get the compensation they deserve.

A Santa Rosa all-terrain vehicle accident can have many different causes!

We think of an ATV accident as happening off-road all the time, but that is far from the truth. The average person thinks they are the result of reckless riding, but in reality even a well trained professional ATV rider can get caught in a deadly accident. While unsafe driving of an ATV can lead to serious accidents, some accident causes are subtle, sometimes unseen until it is too late. It’s this wide range of possibilities that makes it important for any Santa Rosa all-terrain vehicle accident victim to get legal assistance as soon as possible!

ATV riding is a rough sport, and outside of protective clothing and helmets, quad bikes and dirt bikes offer little in the way of protection from falls. If a part on the ATV fails while it’s in motion, a very serious accident could be the result. Was the part defective? Was the ATV properly maintained? If the ATV was receiving maintenance by a specialized shop, was their work done properly?

Another factor in an ATV accident is who you’re sharing the course with. You can do everything right by taking safety seriously; you can’t guarantee that other ATV riders are acting safe, nor can you guarantee the condition of their vehicles.

Penney and Associates is your best bet for a fair settlement!

For some people, ATVs are a hobby. For others, they are serious sport. All assume certain amounts of risk to get out there and ride. However, there are still reasonable expectations of safety that ATV riders can expect. OHV trails need to be well maintained. Maintenance shops need to perform repairs properly.

A Santa Rosa all-terrain vehicle accident victim will be scrutinized for their actions leading up to an accident. Insurance claims adjusters will look for anything that can limit compensation. Other riders involved in the accident may challenge your account of what happened. And while you’re waiting to get the claim settled, you could be dealing with crippling injuries.

Penney and Associates offers Santa Rosa residents expert personal injury law assistance. With a consultation, we can determine the facts about your ATV accident, offer advice, and help you prepare for court if it comes down do it. We can help ensure that you and your family get the compensation they deserve after your accident. Contact us today, and let’s talk about what our attorneys can do for you.

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