Santa Rosa Legionnaires Disease

Santa Rosa Legionnaires Disease

In 1976, the American Legion convention in Philadelphia was the site of the first confirmed large-scale Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in the United States. It was caused by a previously identified bacteria that was thought to be harmless to humans. Since that outbreak dozens have happened worldwide. In 2015, over 6000 US citizens were affected by the disease, though it is also likely that the disease is under-reported. Prevention efforts are key in controlling the disease, as the bacteria is found in nearly all fresh-water sources worldwide. Unfortunately, these efforts are not always successful, and sometimes not properly adhered to. It may not seem real, but a Santa Rosa Legionnaires disease outbreak is possible under the right conditions.

If you or a loved have been affected by Legionnaires disease, you may be entitled to compensation. Oftentimes, the reason why the disease spreads is due to neglect of water treatment procedures. Penney & Associates has experience with clients who have lost family to the disease, and we can help you win a fair settlement.

How could a Santa Rosa Legionnaires disease outbreak happen?

As the bacteria causing Legionnaires disease is found all over the world, water treatment is vital to keep it at bay. Whether it’s the water we drink, or the water found in air conditioning systems, filters, temperature management, and biocide chemicals are all part of the process.

When this process is neglected, you get cases such as this 2017 outbreak in the Guest House at Graceland. The nine guests infected had stayed at the hotel between May 12 and June 2016. The source of the bacteria was determined to be the hotel’s hot tub and swimming pool. A Santa Rosa Legionnaires disease outbreak could start from something as simple as a public pool being improperly sanitized. Or it could be similar to the 1976 outbreak, where an older hotel building’s air conditioning system has not been getting the proper maintenance it needs.

An outbreak can involve more than just a single business or facility. The ongoing Flint water crisis began in 2014, after the city completed its switch in water sources. Water drawn from the Flint River did not have corrosion inhibitors applied, and lead inside aging water pipes made their way to the water supply. Over 100,000 American citizens were exposed to increased lead levels in their water, but that wasn’t all they were exposed to.

August 2017 say the release of a study by the American Chemical Society that stated the Flint River was contributing to the increase of Legionnaires disease cases being reported. Twelve deaths tied to the disease were initially reported, but it is possible that more have died due to the outbreak.

If you’ve been affected by Legionnaires disease, contact Penney and Associates for legal advice right away!

This aggressive form of pneumonia is called ‘silent death’ due to how little attention is paid to it in the media. Victims who don’t survive tend to be the elderly and the very young, as well as individuals with weakened immune systems. As scary as this disease does sound, it is important to remember that it is easily preventable! Facility owners who ensure their water is properly treated, and air conditioning systems pass regular inspections, are able to minimize, if not eliminate the danger entirely.

What we at Penney and Associates have seen is negligence being one of the key factors in the spread of this illness, allowing it to surface all over the United States. Even hospitals, which we all expect to be clean and safe, present a risk of Legionnaires disease and more.

If you’re a Santa Rosa Legionnaires disease victim, or are family of a victim, we have the experience to help you reach a settlement. By contacting us today, you can set up an appointment with one of our attorneys, and get on the road to the financial compensation you deserve!

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