Santa Rosa tractor accident

Santa Rosa Tractor Accident

Santa Rosa sits in Sonoma county, which is known as one of the most valuable parts of Wine Country. Farms throughout the region produce the materials for premium wines known worldwide. As one might expect, it takes a lot of specialized farm equipment to make this fields as productive as they are. The farm tractor is one of them. However, as many farmers can tell you, the useful tractor can also be very dangerous. Penney and Associates has years of experience with farm injuries and accident claims. Our practice is ready to help Santa Rosa tractor accident victims win the compensation they deserve.

The useful and deadly farm tractor

Ever since its inception, the farm tractor has earned its place as a reliable mainstay on farms all over the world. However, it has also earned a reputation for being one of major causes of fatal accidents on the farm. A Santa Rosa tractor accident is more likely than you think, and it can happen for any number of reasons.

Until fairly recently, the design of farm tractors left drivers very exposed, and if the tractor rolled over on a farm’s uneven terrain, the driver could be crushed. Recently, add-on roll-over protection has become standard equipment on newer tractors. However, this protection has not been universally adopted across the entire farming industry. Some farmers even elect to stick with older tractors that lack this protection, simply because the vehicle still does the job.

The large tires on some tractors also prove very hazardous, as does the exposed gearing on older designs. There are hundreds of stories about clothes being caught in machinery, dragging the driver out of their seat and under the rear tires. Even during maintenance, a tractor can be very dangerous. If they slip into gear, they can easily run someone over before they have time to react.

Penney and Associates is ready to help Santa Rosa tractor accident victims!

A tractor accident is potentially a life-changing event. Survivors can end up being paralyzed for life, robbing their family of income, and requiring expensive medical care. Worse yet, the accident could very well not be their fault. Defective equipment, a lack of roll-over protection, or sub-par training could lead to an otherwise avoidable tragedy.

If you’re a victim of a Santa Rosa tractor accident, or have lost family in one, you deserve a fair settlement! Contact Penney and Associates today for a consultation. We can meet you at our Santa Rosa field office, establish all the facts about your case, and present to you the best options to move forward. With decades of experience, the attorneys of Penney and Associates are ready to help you get the compensation you need to begin putting this experience behind you!

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