Santa Rosa Work Injury

Santa Rosa Work Injury

Workplace injuries can be very costly to both the injured employee and the employer. The injured could spend weeks or months just trying to recover from their accident. Medical expenses can grow extremely high. Unless your insurance is excellent, it probably can’t cover everything. That time spent in recovery is also time spent without proper income; there’s only so much sick leave available to most people! Meanwhile, the company loses an experienced hand, California’s worker protections require some measure of compensation. Victims of a Santa Rosa work injury can expect to have some of the pressure on their finances partially relieved by these protections.

Unfortunately, while workers compensation is guaranteed by the law, there are some employers that have tried to avoid providing this compensation. Other employers have actually fired employees for getting hurt on the job, even if it clearly wasn’t their fault. Some companies have been sued for creating a ‘culture of fear’ in the workplace, with workers afraid to report hazardous conditions or injuries for fear of the consequences.

California law is clear on what workers can expect, but there are times where companies try to find their way around the law. Penney and Associates can help Santa Rosa work injury victims get the compensation they are owed.

Workers’ compensation guarantees certain benefits after work injuries

The Division of Workers’ Compensation outlines what workers can expect from their employers after a work injury event. It fully explains how to file a claim, and what you can expect throughout the process.

A Santa Rosa work injury victim can expect disability, job displacement, and death benefits from their employers.

  • Disability benefits include temporary and permanent disability. Some injuries may recover in time, but others could be far more severe, and may even permanent remove you from the work force.
  • Supplemental job displacement benefits ensure that if an employee’s injury prevents them from working in their primary job, they may be able to find other work within the company.
  • Death benefits ensure that a victim’s family can find a way to land on their feet after an accident has taken a loved one from them.

A lawyer can help Santa Rosa work injury victims get the compensation owed to them!

Employers are required by law to provide specific benefits to their employees. But they are also expected to maintain a safe work environment. Whether you’re working on a high-end car manufacturing line, or at a mail processing facility, safety regulations and proper training is one way that employers can protect their workforce. Most employers do their best to meet their obligations.

There are always exceptions. Some employers do go out of their way to limit compensation, and even threaten their employees with termination if they try to file a work injury claim. Others do not maintain proper safety rules, or fail to train their workers on new processes that could lead to unsafe practices. Santa Rosa work injury victims experiencing this level of treatment should immediately get a lawyer.

Penney and Associates offers free personal injury consultations to injured workers. Our experienced attorneys have years of experience assisting Californians with personal injury law and work injury claims. We can help you with every aspect of your workers’ compensation claim, and if necessary represent you in court. Contact us today, and learn how we can help you!

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