Legionnaires' Disease

Stockton Legionnaires’ Disease

Legionnaires’ Disease is a silent killer that has affected people around the world. An estimated 30,000 people in the United States contract this disease each year. Neglect of water treatment facilities and air conditioning systems has allowed outbreaks that could have been prevented. Recently, the disease has been found in California, with cases in Rocklin, and in the San Quentin State Prison. Outbreaks continue to be reported around the country. Penney & Associates have taken on cases for those who have been affected by this disease. Stockton Legionnaires’ Disease sufferers should not have to go bankrupt simply because they contracted an easily preventable infection.

What is Legionnaires’ Disease, and how does it spread?

Legionnaires’ Disease was identified in 1976 after attendees of an American Legion convention in Philadelphia came down with the illness. It is form of atypical pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria. The bacteria is found naturally in fresh water, but is typically controlled by water treatment processes. The use of water filters on shower heads can further prevent the spread of bacteria. However, if these measures fail or they are neglected, the bacteria can dangerously spread.

Legionella can contaminate hot water tanks and the hot tubs they supply, air conditioner cooling towers, and spread through entire air conditioning systems of large buildings. The 1976 outbreak was traced to the hotel where the American Legion convention was held. The bacteria was found in its air conditioning system.

Penney & Associates recently took on a case where a seven-month-old baby died of Legionnaires’ Disease after a bone marrow transplant. It was found that Legionella had spread throughout the hospital’s water supply. The shower head inside the baby’s room was contaminated by the bacteria.

What should Stockton Legionnaires’ Disease sufferers do?

Because Legionnaires’ Disease can take two to ten days before symptoms begin to appear, it is important to find where this infection began not only for your case, but for public safety as well. Hospitals, hotels, and apartment complexes can all be held liable for this disease if their neglect can be proven. Inadequate preparation, training, and faulty equipment can all contribute to the spread of the disease. Legionnaires’ Disease can be treated with antibiotics, but patients can suffer long-term respiratory issues even after the infection is beaten. Further medical treatment for complications can be very expensive.

What is especially frightening is that this disease could be places you expect to be safe. If you’re spending a week at the San Joaquin General Hospital, you don’t think to worry about Legionella in the water supply. You don’t expect to catch a potentially fatal illness while spending a weekend at the Courtyard Stockton hotel.

Stockton Legionnaires’ Disease sufferers should not hesitate to contact a Penney & Associates lawyer right away. We are experienced with these cases, and know all too well how much this illness can affect clients and their families. A free consultation may be the path to peace of mind, and financial security.

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