7 injured, 1 dead in car accident

Earlier this week, travelers on the Ohio Turnpike suffered a nasty turn from “business as usual” to panic and fear, as a Sunday afternoon car accident took the life of a young girl and injured 7 others. In total, 10 cars were involved and numerous victims were transported via life-flight from the scene to local medical centers. The considerable damage caused by the wreck forced traffic to a dead stop for several hours, as authorities attempted to sort through the chaotic aftermath.

The incident took place on the stretch of the Ohio Turnpike near the Cedar Point exit, just south of Sandusky. At the time, the area was under construction, which reduced traffic to a single lane. Authorities with the Berea Patrol Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol report that the semi-truck driver involved in the car accident failed to stop the 18-wheel vehicle before slamming into the 9 cars ahead. One onlooker of the car accident was quoted as saying “I stopped counting at 10”, referring to the number of cars involved in the crash.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol said that, in addition to the Berea Patrol Post, Erie County Sheriff’s Office, Groton Township Fire Department, and North Central EMS all assisted in the rescue. Edison Local School District assisted as well, using one of their buses as transportation for non-injured persons involved in the crash. Those individuals were taken to a safe area away from the car accident and off the highway.

No word yet has been released, as to the identity of the semi-truck driver, though it is presumed that the Erie County Prosecutor will be following up on the investigation as new information emerges. It is also still unclear as to what, if any, charges against the truck driver will result from this horrific tragedy.

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