Amusement Park Accident Injures Four Riders

Following an amusement park accident in St. Louis, 4 people suffered minor injuries. The passengers of the Boomerang ride at Six Flags amusement park were treated by medical personnel, after the ride stopped mid-cycle on Friday, May 6th.

Officials report that prior to 11:30am, dispatchers directed first-responders to the park (shortly after Boomerang abruptly stopped in the middle of the track). Park guests were safely evacuated from the ride, once it had stopped. Six Flags’ first aid staff were able to respond quickly to the amusement park accident that injured 4 persons. Local news reports were able to capture images of a car that had derailed from the ride, however it’s unclear as to what caused the accident.

Following the amusement park accident, Six Flags issued this statement regarding the incident:

“Boomerang did not complete its normal ride cycle causing it to stop at a mid-point location where all guests safely exited the ride. Our First Aid staff responded immediately and three guests were transported to a local medical facility as a precautionary measure. The safety of our guests is our top priority and the ride will be closed for a thorough inspection before re-opening.”

Authorities report that officials from the local police department, fire department, and EMS were all on-scene at the park. The amusement park at-that time was not allowing general admission in order to accommodate the Six Flags Music Festival. The festival brings together students of all ages (from elementary to high school) to share their collective enjoyment for the arts, participate in judged performances at the Palace Theater, and enjoy the park.

Friday’s festival activities were scheduled to begin at 9am and continue until 5pm. Attendees were also permitted to enjoy many of the amusement park’s rides such as The Ninja, the Log Flume, Superman, Mr. Freeze, Batman the Ride, The Joker, Inc., and Boomerang (the aforementioned attraction responsible for the amusement park accident). At the time of publishing, the cause of Boomerang’s malfunction was still unknown to park officials.

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