Avoiding personal injury on Thanksgiving

It is important to stay safe every day of the year, but surprisingly, Thanksgiving is a time when many people end up suffering injuries. More people than ever visit the emergency room during the holidays, especially on Thanksgiving. There are certain things to be aware of for the day of thanks so that you can avoid personal injury.

Carving the turkey is often a risky venture. Because of the large size of turkeys, you will have to carve it with a large knife. Unfortunately, this can result in even the most experienced carvers having an accident and cutting themselves. It can really cause a damper on the day in more ways than one. In addition, even if you don’t cut yourself with the knife, it’s easy to get a cut from a jagged bone end from the turkey. This can also carry a risk of infection. To reduce your risk of personal injury, make sure the turkey is fully cooked and that your carving knives are completely sharpened.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol. During the holidays, you are usually in a more festive mood than at other times of the year, which means you might want to celebrate with a good drink. However, you should always limit your intake of alcohol, especially if you are going to be driving. It can help you to avoid a potential car accident. In addition, limiting your alcohol intake can ensure that you don’t become dehydrated.

Overeating is also a problem on Thanksgiving. If you stuff yourself too much, you can suffer from a stomach ache and even feel too sleepy if you eat too much. That isn’t a good idea if you have to drive home later in the night. The best way to avoid a problem is to eat in moderation. Of course, there is plenty of food during your Thanksgiving feast, but it is best to eat slowly and stop eating when you feel satisfied. Don’t stuff yourself.

Be careful while you are puttering around in the kitchen, preparing food for the holiday. One of the most common personal injury problems that stem from Thanksgiving are burns. Work at a deliberate pace and never rush around. If you choose to deep fry the turkey, take special care to use extreme caution. Keep away from anything flammable if you do deep fry and never try to cook a frozen turkey that way.

Although Thanksgiving and other holidays are supposed to be joyous times, they are often the most stressful as well. Some people can easily suffer anxiety or panic attacks. Some of those conditions can even trigger those that are more serious, like heart conditions. Try to take it easy and pace yourself to avoid personal injury.

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