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Bakersfield, CA, which was founded by Thomas Baker, a lawyer, is today one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. It is, in fact, the highest oil producing county in the country. Its almost 400,000 residents are mostly employed by the county and the oil industry but there are many who are also employed by agriculture and other industries. Bakersfield is also well known for production of grapes, citrus, almonds and carrots among others. Most people in the area live a middle class life. The city is thriving with families and there are also lots of singles who live and work there. The population is a mix of white Americans, black Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics and several other races.
Bakersfield is home to many schools, parks, hospitals, malls and other amenities. Parents who are considering relocation for the sake of their children’s education will be happy to know that this city consistently ranks as one of the top cities in America when it comes to education. Crime is low in most neighborhoods and you can expect to be rather safe. It is home to many fine Basque restaurants and there several museums, some of them created just for children. As with any other city in America, Bakersfield is home to many professionals including many personal injury lawyers.
A personal injury lawyer is a professional who represents a party who has suffered either physical or psychological injury due to the wrongful or neglectful actions of an individual, a business or a government institution. Personal injury lawyers mainly do two things for their clients – they can get them an out of court settlement for the injuries that they have received or they can help them file a matter in court and let a judge settle the matter. If they choose to go to court they must be prepared to prove that the defendant (the one who caused the injury) acted neglectfully or irresponsibly and as a result the plaintiff (the one who was injured) suffered as a result.
As for whether it is better to settle out of court or to go before a judge, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. If you choose to settle out of court you may be forfeiting a bigger settlement than may be issued by a judge. That said, people who choose to settle do so because they avoid the cost of prosecuting the case and also the amount of tie it takes for courts to hear and settle matters. In addition to that, they avoid taking their chances in court – the judge could decide that the defendant is not at fault and throw the matter out (in which case the plaintiff gets no money at all). Going to court also has its pros and cons. There is a 50% chance that the court to award an even bigger settlement than if the matter had been settled out of court. The disadvantage they face is that things could go in the opposite direction – the court may decide that the defendant was not at fault and award nothing.
Your Bakersfield, CA personal injury lawyer is tasked with the job of weighing the matter and advice which course of action is best. They will explain to you what your odds of winning in court are and whether you should settle out of court. If you decide to settle then it is their job to negotiate with the defendant’s lawyer on how much you deserve to be compensated. If they cannot agree – either you feel that the defendant is offering less compensation than you need or the defendants feel like they are asking for too much – the matter then goes to court. You lawyer will file all the papers and argue on your behalf to prove that the defendant is culpable.
One common problem that many Bakersfield, CA residents face is what personal injury lawyer is best – there are many in the city and it can be hard to know which one is best especially if it is your first time dealing with a personal injury matter. When you are shopping for a personal injury lawyer there are certain things that you should take into account:
• Like with every other professional that you deal with, experience is very important. Don’t just look for the number of years that a lawyer has been practicing personal injury law – they should have a track record in handling cases like yours. Just because a lawyer is good at handling slip and fall matters doesn’t mean that he can win a personal accident case – the two require different kinds of expertise. As you interview lawyers ask them how many cases similar to yours they have handled in the past 12 months and what the outcome was.
• When it comes to personal injury cases communication is very important – your lawyer will use what you tell him to get compensation for your injuries. You have to choose a lawyer who you feel at ease sharing details with.
• In case you are wondering where to start when looking for a lawyer, we recommend that you start by looking online. Use search terms that are as specific as possible. If you had a slip and fall, for instance, it is best to type in “slip and fall personal injury lawyer Bakersfield”. You are looking for a lawyer who has a professional looking website that provides helpful information to users. The site should include articles o matters such as what to do immediately after an accident, how and where to find personal injury lawyers and so on.
• It is important to look into where a lawyer wet to school – there are quacks and you don’t want to end up with one of these. Also, avoid ambulance chasers – any lawyer who oversells his services is probably not very good at what they do.
We recommend one of the best personal injury law firms in Bakersfield, CA, Penney and Associates®. They have been doing personal injury law for many years and if anyone can get you the compensation that you need, you can be sure that it is Penney and Associates®. You can call them on (800) 616-4529 or visit their website, for more information.