Boating Accident Severs Lindsay Lohans Finger

Newly minted humanitarian Lindsay Lohan, one of Hollywood’s most infamous gingers, made headlines for something other than the widely touted party-girl behavior she has been working so hard to separate herself from in recent years. However, it was not her newfound passion for philanthropy landing her in the news. Credit for this goes to a freakish boating accident suffered by Lohan while she enjoyed a respite from her altruistic efforts, during what should have been a relaxing Turkish boating excursion.

In western Asia to spread awareness about Syrian refugee conditions in Turkey, Lohan endured a grisly finger injury during the boating accident, while she was casually cruising with friends on a Sunday afternoon. In the course of the fateful voyage, Lindsay attempted to pull up the boat’s anchor by herself and somehow suddenly became entangled in the weighty anchor’s unforgiving rope. Unable to free herself, Ms. Lohan succumbed to the weight of the anchor jerking her body into the water.

Eventually, the former child star made her way back into the vessel to further work at untangling herself. In the boating accident, the anchor sliced off Lohan’s ring finger’s tip, and friends instantly scrambled to find it on the boat’s deck. Luckily for Lindsay, fellow boaters did locate the fleshy piece soon after it was detached. Lindsay was subsequently rushed to the emergency room, where a skilled plastic surgeon was able to reattach the severed section of her slender digit.

Following the boating accident, in good spirits, but also in pain, Lohan continued with her plan to meet with Syrian families. In photos from the philanthropist’s meetings with refugees, she could be seen donning a thick bandage which served to conceal the evidence of what can be deemed one of the most unexpected occurrences of her storied lifestyle. True to form, the film star took to social media to make light of the boating accident. She was seen smiling in a one-handed selfie, which included a shot of her bandages. Fans were able to see she was on the road to recovery and grateful the boating accident did not yield more dire consequences.

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