Brain Injury Victim Gets Job With Service Dog

A Canadian man, Owen Liam, was recently hired by Lowe’s along with his service dog. After a bad fall, Liam sustained a brain injury that affects his speech and requires him to be accompanied by a support dog at all times. He explained to ABC News that he has been treated poorly before because of his brain injury and his speech difficulty, and many employers had not even given him a chance. He also mentioned that he’s tried to retrain his facial muscles “to look as normal as possible” so people don’t treat him differently.

Liam has had his dog, Blue, for nine years. Blue goes everywhere with him and has greatly improved his quality of life since he sustained his brain injury. He even warned Liam about a fire that started in his microwave while he was sleeping.

Lowe’s Canada wrote a post on Facebook explaining that Liam has had difficulty finding employment because of his brain injury and his need for a service dog, so they decided to hire both him and Blue. They even gave Blue a red Lowe’s vest with his name printed on it. Along with their post, they shared a picture of Liam, Blue, and Paul Gallo, the manager who hired him.

The Lowe’s that hired Liam is located in North Regina, Saskatchewan and just recently opened its doors for the first time. They hosted several job fairs before the store opened, and Liam visited one of the fairs to apply. Gallo explained to ABC News that he and the other managers went through the same application and interview process to hire Liam as they did with the other 180 employees in the store. Liam explained to them that he needed Blue with him due to his brain injury, and once the managers realized they could make accommodations for the dog, they hired the pair.

Liam and Blue greet customers throughout the store, and both customers and employees enjoy seeing the dog. Liam says that he and Blue are both happy with their new jobs, and Lowe’s is treating him well and allowing him to be himself.

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