Dog Bite Lawyers

Each year aggressive dogs bite over 500,000 people, killing an average of twelve annually. The majority of dog bite victims are children. Most dogs do not exhibit aggressive tendencies; nevertheless, sufficient provocation may tempt even the gentlest dog to bite. In California there are laws about dog owners being strictly liable for a dog that bites no matter the history of prior bites. A good dog bite lawyer is your best representative in a situation like this.

If a dog bites you it is important to seek medical attention immediately and call county Animal Control. Always have a report taken, no matter if you are bit in Sacramento, Fairfield, Chico, Redding, and Roseville or anywhere in Northern California. Many times if you cannot contact the owner of the animal, local animal control officers may be able to locate the owner and check the dog’s rabies vaccination status.

Every city or county has its own dog ordinances and one should hire a dog bite lawyer to determine how those local laws affect your case. Several factors, including the dog’s prior behavior, the use of a “Bad Dog” warning sign, whether the dog was provoked, and the law of the particular city or county where the bite occurred, will be important in determining the dog owner’s legal liability. As of 2007, California does not have the “first bite rule.”

See your doctor if you have been seriously injured by a dog or other animal. More and more injuries are not just simple dog bites but cases of dog attacks. It is important to contact Penney and Associates, who can help you protect your legal rights. Please keep in mind that there may be time limits within which you must commence suit or a claim against the government entity. Our lawyers are ready to go to work for you today.

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