Fairfield all-terrain vehicle accident

Fairfield All-Terrain Vehicle Accident

California is filled with outdoors adventure opportunities for people willing to seek them out. Off-roading in trucks and ATVs is accommodated by dozens of state parks, privately owned lands, and even special purpose tracks. Fairfield, CA is not left out from the excitement in the least. Just east of Travis AFB is ArgyllMX, a motocross course that hosts anything from professional MX racing, to special birthday events. Further north into the Napa Valley is the Knoxville Recreation Area. Here, anything from mountain bikes to full ATVs can tackle a variety of terrain catering to all skill levels. As much fun as ATV riding can be, it is also a very dangerous sport. Even the most skilled riders can be hurt or killed in a bad accident. However, despite popular belief, the riders themselves are not always at fault for their own injuries. Fairfield all-terrain vehicle accident victims can turn to Penney and Associates for the legal representation they need.

The risks of a Fairfield all-terrain vehicle accident

Between 1982 and 2012, California has reported 654 ATV-related deaths. This state consistently ranks high in overall ATV deaths reported in the country for a given year. In that same report, 2015 saw just under 100,000 people in the US requiring emergency care after an ATV-related accident. These injuries and deaths increasingly involve children under the age of 16, a statistic that is reflected nationwide.

Off-roading is a high-impact sport. While ATVs and other off-road vehicles have a number of safety measures in place, and protective gear can help in the event of an accident, it can’t account for everything. Bones and muscles are subjected to constant stress as the ATV moves through rough terrain. Many injuries of ATV riding involve fractured collar bones, broken arms, and legs.

Many deaths and injuries in an ATV accident are often caused by a roll-over. At speed and on uneven ground, an ATV can suddenly shift or bounce out of control. An off-balance ATV can roll over and crush the rider.

Many of the potential causes of a Fairfield all-terrain vehicle accident can be easily pinned on the victim riders themselves. Reckless riding can lead to tragedy. However, it is important to remember that the rider is not always at fault. The safest and smartest ATV rider can still be caught in a situation that they have no control over. It could be the fault of the ATV itself, poorly maintained trails, or perhaps another rider could be the direct cause.

I’ve just had an ATV accident… now what?

Ensure that you have proper medical assistance. If there were witnesses, get their contact information if at all possible. Your own perspective is limited. You could also be suffering a head injury that impairs your ability to remember everything about the accident.

You may be tempted to get the ATV repaired immediately, but it’s best to leave it in the damaged state at first. When you contact an attorney, they will have the ATV investigated to see if there was any possible fault that contributed to your accident.

If you do contact your insurance company first, remember that you are placing your own claims at risk. Claims adjusters are trained to look for anything and everything that could limit the amount of benefits the company will pay out. The best bet for a Fairfield all-terrain vehicle accident victim is to contact a personal injury lawyer.

Penney and Associates has decades of personal injury case experience!

Our attorneys have a proven track record of success in personal injury cases. We understand that ATV accident victims deserve the best possible representation in court, and that the odds are against them. There is the belief that by participating in an inherently dangerous activity, these victims are at fault for their accidents, even if evidence and circumstances can prove otherwise. And while you fight these cases, you could be dealing with debilitating injuries, or worse.The medical costs can skyrocket. A family breadwinner hurt or killed in an ATV accident can ruin a family emotionally and economically.

Go with aggressive lawyers who won’t back down to insurance companies and ATV manufacturers. Go with Penney and Associates, contact us for a free consultation, and get on the road to fair compensation for you and your family.

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