Fairfield Legionnaires' Disease

Fairfield Legionnaires’ Disease

Legionnaires’ Disease was properly identified in 1976, in the wake of an American Legion convention held in Philadelphia. This severe form of pneumonia was found to be caused by a previously discovered bacteria, one that is common in fresh water supplies all around the United States. Since that time, outbreaks of the disease have been detected all around the world, and an estimated 10 percent of those infected die. There have been cases and outbreaks of the disease in California, and in many of these cases negligence of water filtration and air conditioning systems was a direct cause. What this means is that a Fairfield Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak is possible under the right conditions.

How could a Fairfield Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak happen?

While it is true the Legionella bacteria responsible for this disease can be found all over the US, it generally is controlled with proper water filtration and disinfection systems. Proper water testing can detect dangerous levels of the bacteria, and prompt a thorough response. Proper maintenance of air cooling towers can ensure that reservoirs of water are not sending infected air through a building.

Recent outbreaks in the US have included Flint, Michigan, where improper filtering of the water supply there has led to Legionnaires’ Disease infections, one among many serious issues. Another outbreak was in California, at the San Quentin State Prison. This case was result of unsanitary water cooling towers, which allowed the bacteria ample warm water to breed in. The hospital where Ryland Joseph died had detectable levels of Legionella in his hospital room’s shower head. Water testing, even a shower filter, could have prevented his infection and death.

Other outbreaks in the US have been in hotels, office buildings, and retirement homes. The common causes of all these infections centers around water treatment facilities of buildings. Neglecting maintenance or replacement of important equipment allows this bacteria to breed to dangerous levels.

Penney and Associates can help Fairfield Legionnaires’ Disease victims!

We expect places like the David Grant USAF Medical Center to be safe. We go to hospitals for our health. When people visit Hilton Garden Inn Fairfield, they don’t expect to check out with a potentially deadly lung infection. All it takes for a Fairfield Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak is neglecting the safest and best practices with our water supplies.

While Legionella infections can be treated with antibiotics, this is not always successful if treatment is started late. Worse yet, even after the disease is “beaten”, a victim can suffer ongoing respiratory issues. These complications can result in future hospital visits, a serious financial drain for the average person.

We urge anyone who has been infected by this debilitating and potentially lethal disease to contact Penney and Associates for a consultation. Our experience with these cases allows us to provide you the best possible legal representation. We have seen how devastating these infections can be to a family, and we have seen how neglect allows these outbreaks to happen. We want to hold those who could have prevented these outbreaks responsible for their actions, and win you the peace of mind you deserve.

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