Fairfield tractor accident

Fairfield Tractor Accident

Fairfield residents only need to look north of I-80, into neighboring Wilota, to see dozens of farm fields. Travis AFB is almost surrounded by farm land. farms are what make California one of the most powerful economies in the world. However, farm life is not the easy life. Record-breaking summer heatwaves makes tending to the crops a challenge. Dangerous farm equipment can cause serious injuries. Among the most dangerous machines on the farm is the tractor. For many farmhands it is part of every day life, but without proper maintenance or careful use, a farm tractor can be deadly. Penney and Associates can help Fairfield tractor accident victims get a fair settlement, and the financial security they deserve after these life-threatening events.

Tractor accidents are a leading killer on the farm

The CDC tracks the rates of injury and death in multiple industries. Agriculture is considered one of the most dangerous, in no small part due to the dangerous machinery used on many farms. On average, just under 170 farmhands are injured each day on US farms, forcing them to take time off to recover. Five percent of farm injuries cause permanent disability in the victim.

Among fatal farm accidents, a tractor roll-over is the leading cause. But a potential Fairfield tractor accident isn’t limited to this. Farmers have had clothing snagged by the gearing of a tractor, and then be dragged under its tires as it rolls forward. Tractors are even dangerous while not being driven in the fields. A Pennsylvanian farmer was killed when his tractor apparently slipped into gear after being started during routine maintenance, crushing him.

Why a lawyer can help Fairfield tractor accident victims

California is a comparative negligence state. Your compensation can be affected by multiple factors. The action, or inaction, a tractor owner or mechanic took to prevent the accident is weighed alongside of the victim’s actions. Was the tractor mounted with a Cost-effective Rollover Protective Structure to protect the driver? Were they properly trained and operating the vehicle safely? Was the farm hand asked to perform an unsafe task that led to the accident? Were the farm or the victim properly insured?

Remember, insurance companies seek any way to limit paid settlements. They will try for out-of-court settlements are less than fair to a victim and their family. An experienced lawyer can help Fairfield tractor accident victims with claims, and in dealing with counter-claims.

Penney and Associates has a successful track record in farmhand personal injury cases

A tractor accident can leave a farmhand permanently impaired, and left to deal with extensive medical costs just to recover from the injuries. Fatal accidents can rob families of loved ones, and leave them unable to recover economically or emotionally. Victims need competent, aggressive legal representation, in order to win fair compensation for their losses.

Penney and Associates can help. We’ve won cases where corporate negligence has led up to serious harm to farm workers. If you, or a family member, have suffered from a Fairfield tractor accident, contact us today. A consultation could lead you to the peace of mind and financial stability you deserve.

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