Fairfield work injury

Fairfield Work Injury

California is the sixth largest economy on the planet, and our work force plays a role in this. Our farmers, our engineers, our script writers, and our retail workers, every person with a job contributes to our state’s well being. However, work is work, and sometimes a Fairfield resident gets injured on the job. A USPS employee at the Oliver Road office twists their back while trying to move a load of mail. A store clerk at the Solano Town Center trips over clothing left on the floor and breaks an arm. Accidents happen, sometimes despite the best efforts of everyone involved. Penney and Associates can help Fairfield work injury victims get back on their feet.

You have rights after a work injury!

Californian employers are required by law to provide workers’ compensation for injuries on the job, regardless of actual liability. This can include medical care, disability benefits, work displacement benefits. In the worst case scenarios, death benefits can be provided to family members.

Lawsuits against employers after a work injury are not always an option, but in the right circumstances that may be a possibility. Other parties involved in the situation may also be sued in certain situations.

Injured workers have a right to medical attention, regardless of the injury’s severity. Medical care takes priority over any paperwork, and even uninsured workers can receive medical assistance.

What to do after a Fairfield work injury

Medical care is the priority, but you also need to file a report to your employer as soon as possible. This is part of the process for seeking out workers’ compensation, and it also gives your employer a chance to find alternative work assignments, if your injury allows.

Seek out a personal injury lawyer; Penney and Associates offers a free consultation to personal injury victims. You want a lawyer because they can help you with the Workers Compensation Appeals Board, who determines whether or not your benefits will be paid.

Workers’ compensation cases can take years to fully resolve. Because of this, it is important to get all the information your lawyer asks for as quickly as possible. The earlier you have all of the information organized, with copies readily available, the better.

Contact Penney and Associates for a consultation today!

A Fairfield work injury can happen to anyone in this city, in any occupation. It could be the result of negligence on the part of your employer, or other employees, or the company that provided the equipment that hurt you. It could also be a total accident that happened even though everyone was following every possible safety precaution.

Victims and their families can rely on Penney and Associates for legal representation. We have decades of personal injury experience, and a successful record in getting our clients the fair settlements they deserve. We understand that all workers in California have rights, and we will fight to ensure you get proper compensation.

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