Golf Cart Accident claims life of SJ woman

A freak golf cart accident on Friday, June 2, resulted in the death of a 58-year-old San Jose woman.

The victim was riding on an E-Z-GO golf cart with her partner, a 57-year-old male. The ride through a private olive orchard in Wallace, California turned tragic at the end of the drive. After a left turn, the victim reportedly lost balance on the golf cart. Unable to regain balance, she was thrown from the cart. Two wine glasses that she had been holding broke on impact, and she landed directly on them. She would die of the injuries on the scene.

Driver passed field sobriety test

According to a CHP statement, the golf cart accident occured while the driver was “intoxicated”. Additionally, the son of the couple said that the couple both had a glass of wine the night of the accident. The driver was arrested in the wake of the accident, on suspicion of DUI.

However, he passed a field sobriety test on the scene. The actual results of the FST, or a blood alcohol test, are not released by the CHP.

“Freak Golf cart accident” a more common occurrence than believed

A statement from the son suggests that the golf cart accident was little more than that. Statistically, fatal agriculture accidents greatly involve machinery and vehicles. The farm tractor, in particular, is responsible for a significant number of deaths due to roll-overs. These types of accidents are the result of lacking safety equipment that includes roll-over protection cages.

There is much in common between tractor accidents and golf cart accidents. A 2014 article by the Fort Madison Daily Democrat describes the golf cart accident as being more common than people think. A combination of lacking protection for drivers and passengers, and low speed, means that the golf cart is less capable of avoiding sudden danger. Another key factor is that golf carts do not enclose drivers and passengers.

While described as a “freak” occurrence, these low-speed vehicles are involved in many similar accidents. And many of these involve a left turn that results in a passenger being thrown from the vehicle. The Wallace, California golf cart accident once again involves a victim being thrown from the cart after a left turn. Another “freak” occurrence with factors repeated from many other tragic accidents.

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