Hunting accidents on the rise in California

There is much debate about hunting accidents in California, especially in the Sacramento area, that revolves around the use and danger of guns. One of the primary uses for guns is for hunting. With hunting comes injury accidents. These accidents can be fatal, but many of them will only cause a life changing injury.

Extrano’s Alley reports that there are, on average, around 400 hunting accidents a year in the United States. 300 of those accidents are self-inflicted, either by shooting themselves or other injuries such as falling off a tree stand. Only about 40 of the total accidents are fatal, and only a portion of the fatal accidents are due to gunshot wounds. Those numbers drop dramatically when looking specifically at California. There were only 10 hunting accidents in 2014 and only 1 was fatal.

Arguably the most famous hunting accident occurred in 2006 when then Vice-President Dick Cheney accidently shot his hunting partner. While his hunting partner was looking for a downed quail another bird flew up and Cheney shot at the bird. The wide shot spread from the shotgun hit his partner. Fortunately, Cheney’s friend was not fatally injured.

Just a year ago ABC-30 reported that in Tulare County, California, just north of Bakersfield, a group of 16-year-old boys were out hunting. One of the boys was walking in front of the group when one of the group fired and hit the boy walking in front. They rushed him to the ranger station and in transit he passed away.

A story by Rachel Rosenbaum posted in August 2016 on tells about how a 56-year-old man in Colusa, California accidently shot his hunting partner. Salvador, the shooter, was radioed by his hunting partner that there was a deer nearby. With the gun, he looked to find the deer. When he saw movement in a bush, Salvador aimed and fired. Unfortunately, it was not the deer that he shot at, but it was his hunting partner, Rigoberto. The other hunters with them had to hike up to a better vantage point to get cell service and call 911. Rigoberto died as the firefighters prepared him for air transport. He left behind a wife, five daughters, and four grandchildren.

Even though these examples were all accidents, there are still families that are left without a husband, father, or son. In many instances the family is now missing their main source of income. On top of losing a family member, they will now have to deal with the financial issues, and the pain and suffering that accompany losing a love.

Attorneys like Fred Penney, Kevin Elder, or Will Ramey at Penney and Associates represent the injured persons in hunting accidents. They also help families that have experienced an accidental death from hunting. These attorneys help grieving families get back a portion of what they lost. They fight to ease the financial burden that these families now carry.


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