Man in Oregon injured in hunting accident by the animal he killed

A 69-year-old man is expected to recover from a serious injury after a freak hunting accident in a remote section of Oregon, a case in which the prey was in a sense able to exact revenge for its own killing. Officials are using the incident to emphasize the need for those who participate in the outdoor life to follow some simple rules.

The hunting accident occurred in the Maury Mountains of Crook County. Using an all-terrain vehicle, the victim was at the time hauling back to his hunting camp a bull elk that he had earlier bagged. However, the ATV flipped upward while dragging the animal up a hill, coming to rest in a vertical position. Thrown off his seat, the victim landed atop the antlers of the elk. Bleeding badly from the puncture, the victim was aided by fellow hunters, who were able to provide limited treatment using bandages and by applying pressure directly to the wound. The others were also able to send out an emergency message by telephone.

According to an official statement, the victim was still conscious and able to speak when the first of the emergency responders arrived at the scene of the hunting accident. However, he was at that point on the verge of going into shock and required hospital care. He faced further trouble from the fact that the crew of the rescue helicopter was initially unable to locate the scene of the hunting accident and would then have difficulty finding a suitable place to land. The nature of the terrain, which was both rocky and heavily wooded, would have prevented an ambulance from reaching the scene of the hunting accident, making necessary a rescue from the air. The helicopter was finally able to set down and then completed the medical evacuation flight to St. Charles Hospital, where the victim was reported to be in fair condition.

Officials noted that while this may not have been the typical hunting accident resulting in a gunshot wound, it still showed the wide range of threats that can stem from the interaction between humans and nature. It also showed the need for group rather than solitary participation in any type of outdoor activity and the requirement for adventurers to always bring along with them a modern means of communication.

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