Marysville All-Terrain Vehicle Accident

Marysville All-Terrain Vehicle Accident

Marysville provides for ATV enthusiasts of all ages, with three venues and multiple tracks designed for various skill levels. Pro riders training for upcoming races, and children just getting started with the off-road world have a place here in Marysville. A controlled and well-maintained track is generally a safe environment, even with heavy dirt bikes flying off bumps and jumps. However, accidents do happen, and you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries! Penney and Associates can provide legal assistance to Marysville all-terrain vehicle accident victims, and help them reach a fair settlement.

Riding ATV’s can be dangerous in unpredictable ways!

Riding a dirt bike, a quad, and even an off-road buggy can be physically demanding on the rider. While many of these vehicles include technology to try and lessen the impact of each bump and ramp on the road, you’re still going to feel it. Maintaining the bike is essential, but sometimes that’s not enough. A faulty part could result in a serious crash, leading to a ruined ATV, broken bones, and worse.

Dirt bike racing is an exciting sport, but not everyone at the Riverfront MX Park is trying to go pro! If a rider is racing a course too aggressively, they could put not only themselves, but others in danger. You can’t always predict what other riders will do, and there are times where you don’t even have a chance to react before an accident happens.

A Marysville all-terrain vehicle accident doesn’t have to be about the ATV itself, or the conduct of the riders on the trail. In 2016, an 8-year-old quad rider was at the E Street MX track, running several laps. A sudden loss of control sent the young boy off course, where his neck was snagged by a loose string of barbed wire hanging just outside of the course. The boy survived the accident and recovered swiftly. It could have been much, much worse, particularly if the track operators were negligent. Thankfully, this was not the case with this course.

 If you’re a Marysville all-terrain vehicle accident victim, contact Penney and Associates today!

With decades of experience in handling personal injury cases, Penney and Associates is your best bet for reaching a fair settlement. We know how difficult an ATV accident claim can be for the victims. There is a perception that the riders are putting their lives at risk just by climbing aboard their ATVs. It can affect the level of compensation they receive, even if there is proof that faulty parts, or poor maintenance from a hired mechanic, were the direct cause of the accident. Even accidents caused by other riders will have the victim’s claims for damages challenged in every possible way.

After a free consultation, we’ll establish the facts surrounding your accident, help you organize the information you need. If your case goes to court, you’ll have a tough and aggressive attorney on your side to meet these challenges head-on.

Don’t settle for less than the compensation you deserve! Contact Penney and Associates, and let us help you out!

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