Marysville Legionnaires' disease

Marysville Legionnaires’ disease

Legionnaires’ disease was discovered in 1976, in the wake of an American Legion convention in Philadelphia. The source of the pneumonia-like infection was a bacteria that had been discovered years before. Due to where and when the outbreak was discovered, ‘Legionnaires’ disease’ became the chosen name for the infection. Since then, the disease has been detected worldwide as the ability to diagnose it has improved. The bacteria responsible is common, found in freshwater supplies all over the world. Infection can be controlled and prevented with proper water-management practices. When these practices are neglected, people could contract a life-threatening infection. If you’re a Marysville Legionnaires’ disease victim, you could be entitled to compensation. Penney and Associates can help you win it.

Could a Marysville Legionnaires’ disease outbreak happen?

Because the family of bacteria that causes the infection exists worldwide, the short answer is yes. Legionnella is found all over the world, and given the right conditions it multiplies quickly in freshwater. Whether that water is the nearby Feather or Yuba rivers, Ellis Lake, or in the rooftop air conditioning units of a local business, you will very likely find some of the bacteria. The danger of a Marysville Legionnaires’ disease outbreak is very real, and if you factor in negligence in water-management, the risk greatly increases.

What prevents Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks are water-management practices. This includes maintaining water filters in reservoirs and at points of use, and the chemical sterilization of hot tubs and swimming pools, for example. Additionally, the water found in air conditioning units on rooftops is a prime breeding ground for Legionella. Consistent and persistent water-management practices control this bacteria effectively, to the degree that most people are not exposed to enough of the bacteria to become sick.

It is when these practices are neglected that outbreaks occur.

According to the CDC, 6000 cases of Legionnaires’ disease were reported in 2015. However, due to the difficulty in diagnosing the disease in spite of modern methods, that number may be well bellow the actual number of cases. Multiple outbreaks have occurred in recent years across the US. California’s San Quentin Prison experienced an outbreak, traced to its air conditioning cooling towers. An outbreak in New York City killed 12 in the South Bronx, again traced to the air conditioning units on the rooftops. Flint, Michigan has experienced an increase in Legionnaires’ disease cases, which some are linking to the water crisis that has affected the city since 2014.

Why you can rely on Penney and Associates

We have first-hand experience in holding authorities responsible for their practices that allowed Legionnaires’ disease infections to take hold. As such, we are familiar with the various aspects of this disease, how it spreads, and also how negligence contributes to otherwise preventable outbreaks. More importantly, we understand the dangerous nature of this disease. As we have worked with victims, and other firms looking to press forward for their own clients cases, our attorneys have seen how the disease affects families and victims alike.

If you are a Marysville Legionnaires’ disease sufferer, or are related to a victim, we urge you to contact Penney and Associated as soon as possible. Your illness could be the result of neglected water-management practices, and you deserve fair compensation!

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