Marysville tractor accident

Marysville Tractor Accident

The tractor is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment on the farm. Most tractors are rugged by design, made for easy maintenance and use. With farm land in the regions surrounding Marysville and its neighboring cities, the farm tractor is a familiar sight, one that some residents have experience working with every day. While these machines have many important uses, they also represent a serious safety hazard. A Marysville tractor accident is more likely than you think. If you’re a victim of such an accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Penney and Associates is ready to help you win a fair settlement!

The danger of a Marysville tractor accident

Farm land is not always perfectly even terrain, which leads to one of the most common tractor accidents in the US: the roll-over. Roll-over accidents are responsible for many tractor-related deaths on the farm. Injuries can be prevented with roll-over protection structures. However, many tractors that have been in service for a long time don’t have these built-in.

There are other types of accidents with farm tractors. Unsafe modifications of a tractor can cause one to slip into gear without warning while parked. This has led to farmers getting run over by a tractor while they are attempting to perform maintenance.

Training is also a serious factor in preventing a Marysville tractor accident. While most of these vehicles are designed for ease of use, it is still important to thoroughly train potential operators. A lack of training can lead to unintentionally reckless behavior around these machines, which could lead to serious accidents.

Penney and Associates is your best bet for a good settlement!

A Marysville tractor accident can cause injuries that take months to fully recover from. In the worst cases, they rob a family of a source of income and a loved one. And of course, the medical and insurance expenses can put great economic strain on a family, one that they may be unable to afford.

Your tractor accident may very well be the result of negligence, on the part of the operator, the people who maintained the machine, or the owner of the farm itself. However, it can take months, even years before a settlement is reached.  Without the assistance of an experienced attorney, you could see little in the way of compensation

If you’re a Marysville tractor accident victim, there is legal help available to you! Penney and Associates has decades of personal injury law experience to bring to our clients. We have a track record of success when it comes to getting our clients the settlements they deserve. Our firm offers free consultations for personal injury clients, to help establish the facts about your case, what your options are, and how we can best assist you.

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