Motorcycle accident sidelines UFC fighter

Last Wednesday (May 18th), Darrell “The Saint” Horcher (a UFC lightweight division fighter from Pennsylvania) was involved in a motorcycle accident that completely destroyed the bike, after he was struck by a car that pulled out in front of the rider. Brian Butler (Horcher’s manager from Suckerpunch Entertainment) says that a Jeep pulled out in front of Horcher, causing the accident, and sent Horcher flying 240 feet through the air. Luckily for Horcher, he was wearing his helmet at the time of the motorcycle accident, despite the fact that Pennsylvania is one of the majority of states that do not require all riders to wear them. Butler speculates that had Horcher not been wearing his helmet, he would not have survived the horrific motorcycle accident.

When asked about Horcher’s condition following the motorcycle accident, Butler reported, “He’s grateful to be alive”. Horcher suffered only minor injuries, considering the severity of damage done to his motorcycle. In total, Horcher suffered a broken arm, an excessive amount of road rash from hitting the pavement, and several torn ankle ligaments. Following the motorcycle accident, Horcher announced that he will be selling both bikes he currently owns and won’t be riding again for some time (despite the fact that he’s been an avid motorcycle enthusiast for some years).

As far as Horcher’s return to the octagon, the UFC recently contracted with Horcer for a last-minute fight at Fox UFC Fight Night with Khabib Nurmagomedov in Orlando, FL. Unfortunately, the motorcycle accident will require the professional UFC fighter to go through 6 to 8 months worth of recovery. During that time, he will most likely be sidelined and (subsequently) will miss the upcoming match with Nurmagomedov. Luckily, Horcher will make a full recovery from the motorcycle accident. Until that time, he will remain under the watchful eyes of his physicians at the hospital where he was taken following the accident.

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