Obaidi v. Estate of Belnap

In the case of Obaidi vs. Estate of Belnap, 66-year-old Certified Nursing Assistant suffered multiple, severe injuries when her vehicle broadsided a disabled vehicle on a freeway.  The other driver had lost control of her car and came to rest sideways across two lanes.  On her way to work during a dark, early morning in December, our client encountered the disabled vehicle and could not avoid a high speed collision.  The investigating officer placed complete blame on our client.  However, further investigation and hired experts showed that our client was not negligent and, conversely, complete responsibility for the accident rested with the other driver (who tragically was fatally injured in the accident). The case settled for the insurance policy limit amount of $1.5 million.  Ms. Obaidi was represented by Stewart P. Galbraith of Penney & Associates.

Settlement : $1,500,000.00 Broadside Collision
Location: Yuba City, CA July 2010

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