Woman suffers personal injury in carnival ride accident

No matter how much fun you are having, it seems something can always go wrong. Recently, a woman suffered a personal injury in Winchester, Virginia, after a carnival ride she had been on failed and sent her careening towards the ground. This incident occurred on Monday at the Frederick County Fair around 7 p.m. at night. The 47-year-old woman was riding a carnival ride known as the SuperShot, a free-fall ride that allows the user to ascend to the very top of the tower before being dropped suddenly towards the bottom. Before ramming into said bottom, the ride’s hydraulic break is supposed to slow the seats down midway and lower them to the platform below.

According to the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, the Supershot was in its ascension phase and passengers were around 40 feet in the air when the female rider fell from her seat and hit the ground. The seat in question had been completely undone from the ride and sent the older woman straight towards the ground. The authorities claim there is a video of the violent free-fall and her personal injury, but they refuse to release it due to the graphic nature of the footage within. Along with the video, a few individuals who were in attendance at the fair snapped a couple of photographs for social media – though they were kind enough to forego anything graphic or gory. Most of the images are solely relating to the ride itself and show off workers surrounding the ride and looking into the accident. There is a photo of the woman after the fall surrounded by paramedics, though, again, there is no graphic imagery involved.

According to the Shenandoah County Fire Department, a broken ride cable is said to have caused the horrifying accident. The cable snapped as the ride began to raise the passengers into the air, forcing the seat to come apart from the rest of the ride. The woman, unfortunately, did not stand a chance once the apparatus broke away from the rest of the ride, causing the woman’s personal injury.

The owner of the SuperShot was later questioned but said he had no idea why the ride failed, as it had been operating normally every day beforehand. The ride had been set up at the Front Royal fair for 10 days prior to arriving at the Frederick County Fair. The man said he has had five inspectors come in to check on the ride and has an engineer on the way . Tommy Inners, the SuperShot’s owner, claims nothing like this has happened in the ten years he has owned the ride. Despite Inners’ claims, records of the ride’s inspection history and the investigation went completely unanswered by those in attendance and reporting on the situation. This is most likely due to the ongoing investigation into the accident, which had police and rescue authorities quite busy for the remainder of the week. As of Tuesday night, all rides at the fair had reopened and were being enjoyed by the patrons of Frederick County, despite the close personal injury.

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