Pharmaceutical Injury Lawyers

Drugs have drastically changed life in modern times. Many diseases and conditions that were once debilitating and deadly are now either unheard of or easily controlled through drug therapy. But with that comes the dangers of pharmaceutical injury.

Always keep informed about drug companies

Drugs have been around as long as man but in different forms than today. Those companies that make prescription drugs profit from making people better. However, at times there are drugs put out on the market that harm people and even cause death. Many times the drug company knew about the high probability of side effects and did not fully disclose this to the public.

Pharmaceutical injury lawyers specialize in this field and can be your greatest ally in a pharmaceutical-related injury

If you or a loved one has fallen ill due to a drug call for a free consultation today. At Penney & Associates, our pharmaceutical injury lawyers offer you the expertise you need in a case like this.

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