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Sacramento All-Terrain Vehicle Accident

Estimates claim that over the last twenty-five years, over 500 people have been the victims of a fatal all-terrain vehicle accidents in the state of California alone. While the statistic is significantly lower than that of reported fatal car or motorcycle accidents in California, the risk is still present nonetheless.

atv-accidentPerhaps you have become a party in a non-fatal Sacramento all-terrain vehicle accident. You could have been involved while riding the trails at the Prairie State Vehicular Recreation Trails, or at the Foresthill OHV.

Regardless of the location where the accident transpired, you are still alive and are now just beginning to embark upon the first steps of your recovery. While the event itself is seemingly random in occurrence, your decision(s) on which steps of action to take afterwards are precisely the opposite.

What to do if you have been in a Sacramento All-Terrain Vehicle Accident

The first step of action you would take should be fairly obvious, which is to file a claim with your insurance company to begin the process of receiving compensation for the cost of your suffered injuries, your medical bills, and any other losses you may have accrued as a result of the accident.

For many, this step of the process will often be the last. Criteria fitting this scenario include:

  • The event that you walk away from the accident with no losses or serious injuries that require extraneous medical attention.
  • The event that no property damage has been caused by either party during the course of the accident.
  • Your insurance company is willing to give you a fair and true compensation package without any dispute.

While this scenario is a best-case one… other scenarios are often not. You should immediately seek a personal injury lawyer who can help you if:

  • You’ve accrued medical bills that you cannot afford to pay off with your compensation package or by other means.
  • Injuries are long-term or permanent, i.e. injuries that leave life-long scars and/or disable you physically or mentally.
  • Your insurance company disputes your claim in any way and fights in opposition of delivering you the compensation you deserve.

In the case that you desire to seek out a personal injury lawyer for your Sacramento All-terrain vehicle accident, it would be advised that you do it sooner than later in conjunction with the development of your case. This will ensure you some sort of resolve for either expensive medical bills or the appearance of a lawsuit.

Our award winning lawyers will work their hardest to reward you with the fair compensation you deserve. Relentlessly fighting off the team of lawyers from your opponent’s insurance company who will attempt to nickel-and-dime you. We will provide you with full support along every step of the way and arm you with the information you need to pursue your case vigorously.

If you are the victim of a Sacramento All-terrain vehicle accident, visit our contact page or call us today for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer.

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