Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Still Wreaking Havoc

It has been reported for some time that some Galaxy Note 7 phone batteries from Samsung are known to explode. While Samsung issued a recall not everyone has been fortunate enough to have exchanged their phone in time. These exploding phones are causing damage beyond that of the loss of the cell phone, they are injuring people as well as their homes and cars. Individuals are starting to sue for their injuries as well as the damages to their personal property.

Imagine your phone catching fire in your pocket, or burning down your home. A recent story in the New York Post by C.J. Sullivan, Shawn Cohen and Tom Wilson on September 11,2016, tells about a 6-year old boy holding his grandmother’s phone when it burst into flames causing burns to his body as well as a now suffering from a fear of cell phones. The family is able to bring a suit against Samsung for the burns to the little boy as well as pain and suffering. Apparently the child no longer wants anything to do with phones. A fear of cell phones in a society that lives and dies by their cell phone can have a long lasting effect on a young boy. This is interesting as 15 years ago nobody would have thought of such an injury.

This defect in Samsung phone batteries have even caused a Jeep to catch fire and considered a total loss. Found on published on September 8, 2016 by Chris Mills, this article talks about a family unloading a desk they had just purchased at a local yard sale. The family left the car running and their Samsung Note 7 charging. When they came outside from unloading the table their Jeep was on fire. According to the family, they tried to contact both Samsung and Verizon but neither of them gave the family any reasonable information. The owner of the Jeep said “Guess it is time to get a lawyer. You had your chance.” A lawyer should get Samsung’s attention and hopefully try to get the problem resolved. It is an attorney’s job to give people like this an opportunity to obtain restitution for their damages, whether from an automobile accident or from the burning of a Samsung Note 7.

There are many stories reported all over the internet about these exploding and burning phones in different situations. Another interesting story found on talks about a cell phone battery causing $1,400 in damages to a hotel room, another story reports how a suspected exploding phone battery burned down a home while the family was away to pick up their daughters. These small phones and/or phone batteries are causing damage to property as well as to people. One man in Florida, as reported in The New York Post on September 19 by Yoni Heisler, BGR, is suing for medical bills, loss of wages, and pain and suffering after his phone exploded in his pocket.

This explosion burned his leg and hand as he tried to take the phone out of his pocket before the burning cell phone caused more damage. These burning and exploding batteries on the Samsung phones is causing issues for Samsung, not only is there going to be a cost to replace the phones, but Samsung will more than likely be paying out on some law suits filed for property damage and individual’s pain and suffering. One must be careful at this time if they have a Samsung cell phone, especially one of the phones that are having issues.


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