Amputation Accidents

 Amputation Accidents

Every year over 150,000 people in the United States lose a limb, some of these from amputation accidents. There are a projected three million amputees in the United States alone. Amputation is identified as the severing of a body part. Some amputations, such as that of a toe, can cause slight bleeding, but other amputations, such as an arm or a leg, can lead to considerable blood loss, shock, infection, and possible death. Congenital amputation occurs when a child is born lacking an arm or leg or parts of an arm or leg. Nearly 2% of the amputee population is congenital. The causes of such birth defects are often unknown.


Information on amputees: Some amputees wear a prosthesis or “artificial limb.” A prosthesis can vary in cost from $8,000 to $70,000, depending upon the level of amputation. The average prosthesis must be replaced every 2-5 years.


If you must suffer the amputation of a body part, you should take the essential steps to protect your financial interest. Harm that leads to amputation may be grounds for a personal injury claim. Even if a pre-existing medical condition is the cause leading to the amputation, you should consider consulting a Texas personal injury lawyer. A medical malpractice suit may be brought against a physician who has failed to use reasonable care in treating you. If your doctor was thoughtless, lacked the proper ability or ignored established rules during your treatment, it may be considered an act of negligence. The doctor may be liable for your amputation. You should tell your attorney exactly what happened to you, including all the experiences you’ve had with your physician since you began using his or her professional services. Your lawyer will then be able to verify whether or not you have a basis for a claim. Consult a personal injury lawyer for additional information.

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