Santa Clara Burn Injury

Santa Clara Burn Injury

Burn injuries can happen when we least expect it. Whether it’s the product of negligence, or the result of a legitimate accident, they are a very unpleasant surprise. They can be life-threatening events, with life-long consequences. A surprise flash fire in a kitchen in Mountain View caused injuries to three event staff in May 2017. A truck accident on the freeway may spill caustic chemicals that lead to life-threatening chemicals burns. Accidents can happen, as stories like this prove. However, even accidents can be avoided, and people can be held responsible for them. If you’re a Santa Clara burn injury victim, Penney and Associates can help you win the fair compensation you deserve.

Why you need a lawyer after a Santa Clara burn injury

Accidents are accidents, and the vast majority of the time nobody actually wants to cause or suffer a burn injury. However, there are costs associated with a burn: Medical costs from hospital visits and reconstructive surgery, and financial costs from time lost while in recovery. Not every burn is so severe, of course. But you still need to consider why the burn even happened. Could it have been avoided?

Penney and Associates knows that any Santa Clara burn injury victim deserves to have their incident thoroughly reviewed. Could safety precautions been in place to prevent the injury? Was the person who ultimately caused the injury acting recklessly? Or were all safety measure being taken, but a defective electrical socket finally gave out, causing severe burns?

These are the types of question a good lawyer must consider. And this is why you can rely on Penney and Associates.

Penney and Associates is ready to help you out!

Burns are common injuries at home and in the workplace. You want legal assistance from personal injury lawyers familiar with the law. A Santa Clara burn injury can be more than just a light burn on the skin. Severe disfigurement and nerve damage can greatly affect your life. Should you die of your injuries, your family will be left behind without your contribution to the household. Your bills can ruin the lives of the survivors.

Whether your injury is caused by a grease fire in a kitchen, or by a larger accident entirely out of your control, you want the best on your side. Penney and Associates has years of experience with all manner of personal injury cases, winning our clients fair and just settlements for their trauma.

Don’t hesitate to call Penney and Associates for legal assistance today. We want to help Santa

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