Santa Clara dog bite injury

Santa Clara Dog Bite Injury

There is the assumption that specific breeds of dogs are more prone to bites than others. We often think of “big dogs” as being potentially the most aggressive. The pit bull is widely considered to be the most dangerous domestic dog breed. The reality about dog bite injury is that any dog can attack aggressively, and seemingly without real reason. Small dogs, including the Chihuahua, are just as capable of lashing out as any large dog. The danger of a Santa Clara dog bite injury is real; the county is one of several in the state to have recorded an increase in dog bites since 2005.

Dog bites are a complex legal issue, and owners do have several defenses in their favor. Penney and Associates offers personal injury law expertise to any Santa Clara dog bite injury victim. These attacks are often intensely traumatic. You want the best attorneys on your side to win the fair compensation you deserve!

Why do dogs bite?

Aggression plays a role in why many dogs bite. Rough play may lead to dog bites if the animal becomes too excited. A dog that is frightened may attack even a familiar face; a significant number of dog bites each year involve victims who know the attacking dog.

One of the key factors to consider is the owner. A dog owner could have mistreated or failed to properly discipline their pet. In extreme cases, owners knowingly select and protect aggressive dogs, even after multiple incidents. One infamous Bay Area incident in 2001 involved two Presa Canarios killing a woman in a San Francisco apartment complex. The breed in question are typically bred as guard or attack dogs. Both were involved in bite injury incidents before the fatal attack, One owner was eventually convicted of second-degree murder. The other owner would be found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Both owners defended their dogs vigorously, even going so far as to blame the victim.

Suffering from a Santa Clara dog bite injury? Contact Penney and Associates!

California’s dog bite statute may seemingly favor victims, but as the case above proves, even vicious lethal attacks can be contested in court. You could be suffering from disfiguring injuries, or have lost the use of a limb. Your suffering could be challenged from every possible angle. The owner could accuse you of trespassing, a common tactic. Your own insurance will try to adjust your claim for the lowest pay out possible. And of course, you could be dealing with repeated hospital visits for corrective surgery, and more.

Penney and Associates attorneys have decades of experience with personal injury cases of all kinds. We know that after a Santa Clara dog bite injury, your pain isn’t just physical. The emotional wounds can last for years after any attack. If you die from your injuries even after medical assistance, or during the attack itself, your family could spend years dealing with the legal aftermath.

Contact a Penney and Associates attorney today for a free personal injury consultation. We’ll go over the facts of your case, and fully explain your options. We will help you win back your peace of mind, and the settlement you deserve.

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