Santa Clara Motorcycle Accident

Santa Clara Motorcycle Accident

Santa Clara county is home to many motorcycle riders and enthusiasts. They use their bikes for pleasure or for their daily commute. There is an unfortunate stereotype pinned to motorcyclists. Many car drivers believe that motorcycles are inherently dangerous, and that riders themselves often take unnecessary risks on the road. These stereotypes are often used to paint a motorcyclist in a negative light after an accident, even if it is obvious they were not at fault! Santa Clara motorcycle accident victims have a tough road ahead of them, in and out of court. Penney and Associates can help them reach the fair settlement they deserve.

What are the greatest threats to a motorcyclist?

The stereotype would say that it is the rider themselves. There is no denying that reckless riding can lead to a life-threatening crash. There is also no denying that motorcycles are smaller, easier for other drivers to ‘miss’ when scanning the road around them. They provide less protection to a rider, meaning that any accident can lead to crippling injury or even death.

Studies in the US and Europe show that a majority of motorcycle accidents do involve involve other vehicles. In many of these accidents, the other vehicle drivers showed no effort to avoid the accident. In some cases, it was as simple as not seeing the motorcycle in question before the accident.

This may result in something as simple as making a sudden, un-signaled left turn across a motorcycle’s lane. Or it could be like this Santa Clara motorcycle accident: A minivan suddenly ran a red light directly into the path of a motorcycle that had the right of way. There was next to no time for the rider to react, and they ended up plowing into the minivan. The rider passed away on the scene.

Santa Clara motorcycle accident victims can turn to Penney and Associates!

Few people expect stereotypes to affect a court case. Unfortunately, motorcyclists face a serious uphill battle after any accident. They face a greater possibility of crippling injury or death. The medical bills are high, and insurance companies will look to claims adjusters to find any reason to limit compensation. They will examine the rider’s conduct more thoroughly, and they will use anything that implies recklessness against them.

While you wrestle with the insurance companies, and with the attorneys of the other accident participants, you likely are still recovering from injuries. In the worst case, you’ve left behind your medical, insurance, and legal fees for your grieving family.

Penney and Associates brings decades of personal injury law experience to each case. We’ve helped clients deal with their court cases, and have won victims and their families the compensation they deserve. We know how a Santa Clara motorcycle accident can change your life permanently, and want to help you through this trying time. Contact Penney and Associates today for a free consultation, and lets get you on the road to a fair settlement!

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