Santa Clara swimming pool injury

Santa Clara Swimming Pool Injury

The city of Santa Clara, and most of its surrounding county, enjoys sunny weather for much of the year. The summers near the bay are perfect weather for swimming. There’s no better way to beat the heat than to take a dip in your own backyard pool. Many families in Santa Clara visit the public pools for fun. Some swimmers may even be training with the Aquamaids at the George F. Haines International Swim Center. Ideally, it’s all a very safe experience, but sadly accidents can and do happen. Many people are not fully away of just how dangerous a swimming pool can be, until it’s too late. These are accidents that can be prevented with proper safety measures in place. Penney and Associates is ready to help victims in the wake of any Santa Clara swimming pool injury.

A Santa Clara swimming pool injury can be life-threatening!

Whether it happens while in the water, or while walking near it, a swimming pool injury is a potentially serious situation. A fall on hard concrete can cause cuts and lacerations, and even broken bones. Poorly maintained equipment, such as diving boards or pool ladders, may lead to serious injury and death. An improperly stored lane divider could trip someone.

Pool owners and public pool are expected to keep the area around a pool safe. Failing to perform proper maintenance, or failure to secure a pool area can lead to an accident. You can be held liable for a Santa Clara swimming pool injury!

Drowning: the silent killer

Lifeguards and trained individuals may be able to recognize the signs of distress in the water, but not everyone knows them. The instinctive drowning response is something that can be confused by many as normal swimming. What the untrained eye doesn’t see is a person who may literally be seconds away from slipping below the water’s surface to their death.

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children up to 14 years of age. A person could drown within a minute of taking water into their lungs. Drowning victims are unable to call for help themselves, and may even be in such a state that they aren’t even capable of splashing the water for attention. It’s these last two factors that earn drowning the term “silent killer”.

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A Santa Clara swimming pool injury is nothing to take lightly. Most injuries around a pool can be prevented simply by having attentive supervision. Pool owners should limit, if not eliminate alcohol from around a pool, to ensure that guests are alert to their surroundings. Regular maintenance should be performed to keep the pool and the surrounding area safe. Equipment that isn’t being used should be stored out of the way, to limit tripping hazards.

When pool owners have not done their due diligence, accidents are more likely to happen. What is worse is that victims will often have their conduct blamed for their injuries, even after evidence suggests that other factors are to blame. Insurance companies often do everything they can to limit the compensation paid out to victims.

Some swimming pool injuries may be minor, but others can change your life forever. Drowning survivors may have experienced brain damage that affects speech, and their ability to perform at work. Broken bones take time to recover from. Your hospital bills can be enough to affect your loved ones. Should you die from a Santa Clara swimming pool injury, they may be left paying all your medical expenses!

Penney and Associates offers free consultations to personal injury clients. We have decades of experience with this type of case, and can help any swimming pool accident victim in preparing for their case. Contact us today, and let us help you get on track for the compensation you deserve!

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