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Chico Dog Bite Injury

When people go out the door or take their pets for a walk, the last thing most expect to deal with is a dog bite or animal attack. Unfortunately, this problem is happening more and more often. People obtain dogs they can’t control and their animals get loose, and start roving for opportunities to strike. Prime locations for problems are walkways, paths, Bidwell Park, running trails, the Cal State Chico campus and more. Over and over, Chico dog bite attacks and Oroville dog bite attacks have occurred by surprise because someone owned larger dogs that they did not restrain properly, and the animals escaped.

Trying to get city help in the matter, surprisingly, is not always forthcoming. While the City or police might get involved, they typically won’t much unless the attacking dog has bitten a person. So if the attack, for example, only involved harm to your pet, a City employee might say they can’t do much about it. Second, the attacking dog must be witnessed attacking before civic personnel take action. That doesn’t help much when the incident has already occurred. However, this sort of neighborhood problem doesn’t have to be tolerated.

What to do if you have been involved in a Chico dog bite injury

Legal action can trace down the attacking animal in a Chico dog bite incident, find the responsible owner, and hold them accountable for creating an avoidable risk and harm. This is particularly true for larger dogs and breeds well-known for being far more aggressive towards people and other animals in general.

Too often, people are afraid to make a matter more serious than they think it should be. However, with dog bites, a serious reaction is often what is necessary. Otherwise, the problem dog owner won’t take the matter seriously and will continue to ignore the issue. That in turn means someone else will likely get bit and attacked by the same animal as dogs tend to repeat their behavior unless corrected or stopped.

If you’ve recently found yourself in a surprise situation of fending off a dog attack in Chico or Oroville, or trying to protect your pet or a loved one from the same, you need to give our law office a call. We can discuss the matter, deconstruct the details, and explain how to hold the owner of the animal accountable for the harm and damages suffered. Our attorneys are well-versed in Chico dog bite laws and can protect your interests as well as help make your community safer.

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